Alvaro De Bazan – World of Warships

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Brand new coal tier X DD.

Fast, has the ability to burst fire, lots of HP with decent concealment and usable torps.

I quite enjoyed this match and this ship.

Played a bunch more games and unless you suicide like an idiot, which goes for any ship, it is quite something.

Enjoy and have fun watching 🙂

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  1. No CV focus makes all the difference to whether you get a chance to stealth the bbs, the CV was hopeless so DDs perform. well done on the tally.

  2. It started with a 10sec reload on the guns i believe.

  3. ive lost track on the changes – kind of chalked it up as garbage cuz it took horrendous damage in the beginning – seemed ok in the last matches i played against it

  4. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! ;p

  5. I had also ignored this ship. Seen it in ranked a bit and not been very impressed but then again ranked in general is not very impressive so….

  6. The Burst seems great vs other DD’s. It got a big Turning Circle as it’s a big DD and a good health pool. Slow Torps but they do their job. It’s a gunboat after all.

  7. Adrián Sánchez Fernández

    Aaaaand, we still sound for russians as americans, spanish people from spain, as colombian-mexican dudes. Amazing

    • Don’t mind him pls. He is more used to Austrian, Hungarian and a bit of Italian not to mention the Serbian too… Kind to think of it, Croats rly had it rough and it’s a miracle they exist as a country in historical aspect. At least you can give him/them respect for that.

  8. I would say thats a pretty solid ship

  9. That guy who just sat there and took it deserves his very own spot in derp clips

  10. This ship reminds of a scene from pirates of the caribbean.

    Barbossa: Tales of a spanish captain who killed thousands of man…

    Cpt. Salazar: Man?! No, no, no. Pirates, ay? Pirates!

  11. Recently i won one of those auctions, and got 50k coal. So now i have enough for a new special ship from the armory. Should i go for this spanish DD or Moskva? I already have Yoshi and F. Sherman.

  12. I’ve always known you were big fan of latino soap operas. Finally got a confession. I felt the heavy load finally coming off your showers. Congrats for coming out. Well played, Flambino 🙂

  13. lol, you just know that Pommern popped his hydro AFTER he saw that wall of torpedoes.

  14. Molten Bramley Apple

    I thought the ship looked OP even before I realised it had smoke and a 360 rear turret.

  15. Another light cruiser with no citadel, yay also the new German DDs have incredible range the t6 I played against had 14km range and punchy AP

  16. I always get an urge to re-download this game after your videos, makes me wanna play again..Then i remind myself that I will most likely log in and get smashed 25 games in a row!!! 😉

  17. They made the ship work all the way through the testing and ppl still thought it was dog, you sure made some standarts to sit them down, wp!

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