Always Headpat Smolbotes – Khabarovsk – World of Warships

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Always make sure to headpat the smol botes, otherwise they will hurt you.


  1. Apostolis Midnight

    It’s good chase, we hope you figure things out IRL. We’re rooting for ya, hope your school grades go up like Soviet Veloicty.

  2. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    I think he was focused at the beginning, but then ships started to dwindle down and they were just to far away from him to even get one shell on target

  3. I have ended WOWS account but, I still watch and enjoy your channel. Great job!

  4. Pretty good use of incoming fire alert on that khaba captain, too. I’d say it was essential to his evasive maneuvering.

    • My whole play tactic is based on it hehe, I also use the propulsion mod instead of the rudder since khaba has the best thrust to weight ratio at t10 and 6.7sec rudder doesn’t bother me since it’s far easier to dodge like i do in this vid

  5. I hope the enemies will ignore my planes and ship when I play a midway. If they ignore my planes I can keep them spotted for the entire match.

  6. Oh lordy “kham is fast it’s to hard to hit i will miss and waste my shots” *sigh* Any shot you don’t take always misses. But let me clue ya from a DD’s POV.. getting potted by cruiser or BB fire from beyond your ability to hit back messes with yer match HARD!

  7. It would appear WOWs isn’t the only one trying to cash in on anime.. thanks weeb

  8. Pedro Henrique Zarochinski Gomes

    I was ignored 2 times when playing my Massachusetts. These 2 matches were the matchs i did 250K+ dmg

  9. Always give the loliboats headpats… unless you’re Ark Royal. Then stay the hell away from the loliboats.

  10. Hey chase why don’t you just got an alt account and if you use a replay from it just put a black bar over your username

  11. REALLY glad you enjoyed my replay man!!

  12. Btw this is the 3rd max damage record for Khabarovsk on EU

  13. I want to get a game like this where every enemy ignores me and only show their broadside.

  14. I wish your mom will get better soon. I feel you. Everything is in extra hard mode those days… But things will get better.

  15. Hey we all know real life happens so do what u need to do we will understand. Keep up the good work.

  16. Yeah…I can feel you on the burn-out issue. The “Anchorage” and “Eras of the Navy” grinds, were, well, grinds, and I didn’t feel that bad about getting booted from my WoT clan just because I didn’t have the time (and it wasn’t like I was playing all that well anyway).

  17. I want games like that … being completely ignored and happily farming away … that’s like 1 game in 30 these days … Either a CV or a railgun ship (Zao, Petro, Moskva, Stalin etc.) will ruin your day very quickly … Or a Shima wall of skill that you cannot dodge because of the rudder ….

  18. I get the feeling that this game was played on a weekend…

  19. Planes: ez pats
    Random smol bote: dodges
    Planes: finds AA cruiser behind island next to smol bote
    Planes: PANIK

  20. Good for you man! Strange but true: taking breaks can actually make you better at some things.

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