Amagi dominating || World of Warships

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  1. This is what happens when you fight an amagi

  2. Criminal AP shells.

  3. Why ship did not sink during collision? 10:34

    • Ramming is not a certain kill – just a lot of damage. You can mount a ramming flag wchich will decrease damage you take during ram and increase damage your enemy takes

    • kysz1 thanks mate : )

    • @lkjsdgba bfzrsrt kysz1 is right yet wrong.
      First of all, this ship has not mounted the Hotel Yankee (that’s how it’s really called) flag. There is no damage reduction going on here.

      The easiest way to describe the math behind this, is by saying that there are two types of collisions. One that can actually be called ramming and one that you can call scratching or scraping, which is what we see here.
      Because contrary to what most players believe, touching another ship isn’t instant damage/death, there are actually some calculations going on.
      If the two ships touching exeed a certain force, call it a ramming process. If not, they are just scraping.
      What we saw here was simply two ships scraping each other.

      TL;DR: collide parallel instead of perpendicular and very slow/at the same speed to take less damage during collision as seen here

      Ok, that’s enough simplification, now some real explainations:
      What I mean by “force” are three things: speed, direction and mass.
      Mass is the weight of the ship which ingame is represented by it’s HP.
      But the most important factor is actually not the mass, it’s the ships speed.
      Whenever two ships touch, the game checks the speed and mass of the objects colliding. And damage will be applied for the entire duration of the collision.
      Direction is important, because if you sail along each other and your sides are just lightly touching, that reduces the relative speed of impact a lot.
      On the other hand if you crash into each other perpendicular (straight on like a “T”), then the force is enormous even if it’s just a few knots.
      How high the damage is, is decided by the mass of the two ships but it can never be higher than the entire mass, i.e. the whole HP pool.

      Here is the thing about what happend > Direction is a very important point in this case. While the Amagi was actually moving quite fast, at 15 knots, the Alabama was moving at almost the same speed and even more important pretty much parallel to the Amagi. So the relative impact speed was quite low.
      The second point is that the HP of the Alabama was quite a bit lower, which caused her to sink right away on the first damage tick. Dead ships don’t deal damage on collision. So once the Alabama was sunk, the Amagi didn’t take any more damage and with that just barely survived. Had the two of them still had more HP, the collision would have been going on for longer and you could have seen the HP ticking down really fast instead.
      There’s a way to actually see the damage ticking, and that is whenever you ram into an ally. Because between allies the very same collision system is at work, just that the damage each ship takes is reduced by around 50 times. So you see numbers like 100 or 200 damage per second, instead of 4000 or 8000 per second.

      Honestly it’s hard to imagine this from a game (I recommend you visit a battleship in real life if you can but even having a look at some large modern tankers at some harbor should give you an idea) but ships are a huge massive objects moving around and unless they touch each other really really slowly, that’s some huge force crashing into each other. Sure, battleships have thick armor, but there is a limit to how much force that armor can take.
      Something like the japanese battleship Yamato was around 70.000 tons after all! Even with the Amagi we’re talking about around 45.000 tons.
      So I’d say this system is actually quite realistic. Even in real life collisions between ships are always quite dramatic.

    • PsyArkron oh man, thank you so much <3

  4. Spineking Jørgensen

    His aim was honestly pretty lackluster

  5. Μιχαλης Παυλακης

    Before 2 days i had a match with new york that i almost done 200k how can i get a replay?

    • If it was within two days, it should be within the replays folder where the game is installed. Then upload it here,, or send it to Panzerknacker directly. But you might want to back up that replay file, copy it to a safe folder because it might not be safe after two days.

  6. LT.Admiral KD_Putrajaya

    13:29 ara ara Torpedobeats right there (o≖◡≖)

  7. ALBM rly? pointing your gun elsewhere when you know there will be a crossing…

  8. You should play the izumo Or mushasi

  9. I really don’t get why bad replays like this are even featured on any channel….
    Except for that last hit on the Prinz Eugen, there was nothing interesting about this replay. And even that hit was just pure luck, his aim was totally off but the Eugen turned in just after he shot so it ended up with a center hit.
    I already noticed bad decisions at 1:50 when rather than waiting for the De Grasse to pass the rock, he’d waste long range shots on a DD.
    Not even to say that at that point the Massachusetts showed up again, offening him a perfect broadside and it took him 40 seconds to even notice, because he was completely tunnel visioned on that DD. And once he could have shot, he turned to the cruisers for what ever reason.
    The rest of the round was really just an extension of this. I could write down the whole round, which was filled with mistakes but that would be a waste of time as it should be obvious to anybody just how bad this play was.
    Probably the highlight proving just how bad this guy is, was when he said “cap B” towards the end. Who should? The only remaining CV sitting in the corner of the map? Within the remaining four minutes? Not even to mention that our “hero” here would be way closer. That’s quite literally zero thoughtprocess.
    Bad target selection, bad aiming, aimlessly sailing around without a plan, no understanding for what’s going on during the game or what would be the correct thing to do at any given moment and he could have died at multiple points if his opponents had the slightest clue what they were doing as well.
    This is just a bunch of mediocre (at best!) to bad players, who are randomly slapping shells at each other.
    So I’ll ask again, why is garbage like this even featured? Do you have no better replays than this? Thanks for wasting my time.

    • I was thought there only me think like that, especially he never user priority section AA( I don’t know if it show replay or not).

  10. at 10:35 if you are wondering how he survived that ram. He Survived because the other ship rammed him right on his torpedo belt reduction. lol

  11. あたまわるわる

    what a game

  12. His aiming is not very good and is quite indecisive.

  13. Libertarian 4 Ever

    & minutes of your dumb shit was enough.

  14. Amagi class battlecruiser, Amagi

  15. __Not_One_ Step_Back__


  16. Definitely wouldn’t call that dominating..

  17. Thats the craziest amaount of dumb luck ive seen for a long time.

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