Amagi – how to brawl an Yamato and Conqueror || World of Warships

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Amagi – how to brawl an Yamato and Conqueror || World of Warships
SilverBlade233 VIII Amagi
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  1. the guy raped the british conqueror and the Jap yamato in pieces.

  2. Fucking gboots noobs burn in hell. Wp

  3. Damnnnn Daniel

  4. I’ve literally just bought the Amagi and was hoping for a replay like this

  5. Gg man wp ! You can see good at this example that yamato is in such situations( like our captian in the amagi brought her ) absolute shit the turrents turn so slow you cant hit the ship which drives at your side and then nukes you with citadels 😀

  6. A thing of beauty.

  7. yamato, only t10 bb with an actual citadel lol

  8. Great game and in my fav BB, but title was misleading, both the ships mentioned were shooting at others.Should be called “how to delete a Yamato ” ;p

  9. Almost 80k damage with a single salvo. Bloody hell.

  10. Wp, smart player that knows how to utilize the Amagi badassery at close range vs two ships that have some of the worst turret traverse speeds in the game. The bismarck next to him could have done the same if he would have been smarter instead of stopping right in front of a conqueror and a yamato lol. However, 1000:0, I think gg goes to mm first.

  11. Gg, love the new graphics seeing the secondaries firing is so impressive. Getting on the enemy’s flank and putting effective fire into them.

  12. LOL thank that bismark he was taking all shots or Amagi would have been raped before he could even shoot. If there was a time that Bunch of yamato and conqueror isnt shooting me, i can do better with a pensacola :v

  13. 7:57 BOOM, HEADSHOT!

  14. Loved watching your channel grow, ever thought about doing a commentary of the gameplay ?

  15. Yamato have the easiest citadels….. But armor and cannons partially compensate this….

  16. is this an old vid? why does the Conqueror only have twin turrets?

  17. fukking conquerer is impossible to citadel, brain dead retard ship shit

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  19. >1:10
    >one conquerer HE shell hits
    >5 AA mounts gone

    WG wtf

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