AMAGI is the OG sniper in World of Warships Legends

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  1. Just like Iowa, there’s defo better picks out there but Amagi still gets the job done

    keep the requests coming in!

  2. Reaper_ Guardian_

    Yesterday i bought the iowa. The first Show, and i mean the very first Show i ever did with this ship, obliterated a cruiser with one salvo at 13 km. 9/9 hit, 3 citadells. Iowa is nice

  3. Nice video, care to do one on the caracciolo or the veneto? Feel like they could be strong in the right hands

  4. Hayden Glendenning

    Sick content as usual, hit a sick 3966 base xp game the other day was dope. Anyway when can we see a Gaede video the king of TT tier 5 DDs.

  5. I feel like they need to add a clear coat in this game so we can run the default camos

  6. The Amagi is a very nice ship. I had a very nice 1 vs 1 Battle against A Richelieu Battleship. But do you want to play the Graf Spee?

  7. that guy following Saint-Louis

    My first Kraken was with Amagi, I remember doing a 1v5 at the end, and I won, so proud of this action
    Too bad I didn’t recorded the fight with the Share botton …

  8. CableReadyTechnoSIut

    I want to see you creeping around with Caracciolo smokes and ruining DDs fun with the SAP secondaries.

  9. I absolutely love your video can you do one on the buffed Roma?

  10. Playing long range 19.2 km Mogami for weeks now, so much fun

  11. Loving these ship videos with the narration. Would you ever consider playing grosser? The biggest ship in the game and a great meme.

  12. TheWestCoastRasta CanaGanjauana

    Quick two part question
    1. Best way to make credits and up your rank, vs ai or standard

    2. best Japanese heavy cruiser overall.

  13. You clearly had the Black but the Massa was desperate for a kill i guess…. either way Amagi has always been good ur reaction was exactly how i felt with my first game also im a kiter 😆

  14. Ah my first tier 7. She was a right ol beast in the early days before the big nerf.

  15. what about helana? it’s an amazing anti destroyer and light cruiser ship for me, always my go to for fires and specific shell hit requirements
    I love your videos, best wowsl meme and information channel I’ve seen yet 😀

  16. You should have held back and let the other plebs shoot first to soften the DD up, then for you to yoink the kill and get Kraken. Learned that the hard way to stop plebs from stealing my kills and denying me Kraken haha.

    Amagi is the OG of Tier 7 BB snipers before Jean Bart came along. That beautiful ship will always have a special place in my Tier 7 BB collection.

  17. Thanks for the Amagi video, mate! 🤝 She still is an impressive and beautiful ship. I’m so glad I unlocked her some days ago. Maybe there are better TT T7 battleships… 🤔 But Amagi does the job in style.

  18. Crazylilsqurriel

    Makes me wanna continue through Nagato to Amagi, is Monarch still worth it? I got her and haven’t had the will to play her because how weak she can be

  19. I love this lol Amagi was my first waaaaaay back in the beginning. I leveled the entire line with Kondo and secondary builds because commanders were hard to get then. Kind of hated the grind, but Amagi actually did decent with secondaries lol once I got Tagaki though it was on. She is a nightmare to fight if she is being kited right.

  20. That’s good to hear Amagi’s great.. I’m on my way to get her hopefully.

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