Amagi UNREAL situations vs Iowa + Neptune + Gearing – World of Warships

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  1. 4AM in brazil and new video in PanzerKnacker

  2. WoW… noob Iowa

  3. Mihails Ļevčenkova

    Finally something matches the description this time

  4. Hanif Bagus Irianto

    RIP headphones users..
    Oh wait this is not Flambass channel..
    Anyway RNG is suck on this game 😀

  5. What this goes to show more is how stupid the lowered citadel mechanic on bbs is. That Iowa really didn’t play the situation well and still should have killed him. When he fired HE at the Amagi this was the scene that tells you just how badly it is balanced right now. Gets 8k damage shooting the wrong ammo…… Bad play has to be punished way more.

  6. Iowa please uninstall?? that frickin point blank and all misses ??

  7. That Baltimore shouldn’t have gotten caught like that with radar available on her

  8. Such a bad iowa player….

  9. Wtf thier Iowa doing!?

  10. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Iowa Radar assisted gunnery and failed
    Amagi pure optics and won
    IJN Bias??

  11. Dont understand the Gearing in the description.

  12. I counted myself out like 4 times during this match. I was just focused on doing as much as possible before dying. We were heavily outnumbered on this flank and 2 allies I had with me died rather soon without much contribution. What happened here is hilarious cause that 1 mistake bite Iowa in the ass eventually. I Uploaded this replay for it to be funny, not anything else 😉

  13. Good one for surviving from the Iowa,if you were using the same position against me,you’re sunk already

  14. I membah when it was actually possible to citadel USN BBs.

  15. That Iowa potato

  16. i thought this intro was for germans

  17. Duel Iowa vs Amagi… awesome!!!

  18. Iowa Sunken, Gunners Changed Target!!!

  19. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    Worst Iowa player ever

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