Amagi vs. Yamato – cant win them all … World of Warships

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. – cant win them all … World
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  1. Poor Yamato gets to be the last citadel pinata of high tier battleships lol

  2. The yammy deserved that for thinking he was a Conq

  3. what the fuck? even bots play better than this ennemy team.

  4. This first heal was so unecasarry

  5. What a noob yamato

  6. Hahaha
    Yamato use the HE…
    nice idiot

  7. WTF is this replay? Hail to the HE border hugger Yamato?

  8. Painful to watch.

    Aggressive at first, but then panics and shows full broadside to a bunch of cruisers. Gets melted.
    His div mates didn’t help either, but playing that passively!

  9. Ill let this replay slide as the 3+ before it where golden.

  10. The ships cruise pretty fast…

  11. That weeb background at the end. Absolute cancer.

  12. Noob yamato?Next time is not as lucky as this time did

  13. That enemy hindenburg was pretty stubborn. 🙂

  14. In the end Minotaur just needed to stay in smoke and they would win on points, apparently this was only Minotaur captain who do not like sitting in smoke all day long.
    Whole battle is full of stupid decisions.
    Regarding Yama….
    Yamato is only T 10 that is easy to citadel (Good job WG) but Yama’s captain did everything he could to fail miserably

  15. Amagi uses her heal when she sees heavy damage on her slim body.
    What a waste of heal!
    What the fxxx wasting Yamatooooooooooo

  16. Yamato shotting HE WTF?

  17. its not a secret yama its a piss of shit from range closer from 8k its a troll of citadel..this soon fixed like montana fail.. i have all t10 BBs (only conq left)

  18. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    Yamato shooting HE is not a problem, the only problem is his POSITIONING and PLAYSTYLE

  19. An HE firing Yamato, what luck!

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