Amazing NELSON MIDDLE RUSH – World of Warships

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Alaska_CB1 VII
Who says a rush up mid on Two Brothers can’t work, in this game I manage to not only push up mid, but I manage to get three Devastating Strikes, a Kraken Unleashed, A High Caliber, a Confederate in a T7 game. My efforts completely destroyed enemy from behind, won us the game.

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  1. Colonise not colonize, American riff raff 😉

  2. How come that always backfires every time someone tries that on my team??

  3. Impressive, most impressive.  That dispersion tho… nice and tight.

  4. Why is it so zoomed out?

  5. Natthaphong Wongwai

    he want a cookie

  6. Hilarious. Excellent replay.

  7. noice sadly most of the time these go really wrong if a good tanking bb isnt present.

  8. Poor Pensacola 🙁 I feel bad for her…

  9. Nope. MM is definitely not broken. We just have a seriously OP T7 BB up against a LOT of T5 ships. A ship that can be argued is OP when pitted against T8 and T9

  10. As a Nelson owner, I can say that getting that amount of damage with that MM is not rare. The Nelson is amazing against all ships within her MM radius. You can obliterate tier 5 and 6 ships, and get some nice solid and consistent damage on tier 8 and 9 ships. Yes I suppose it was cool and all how he went through the middle and got some nice devastating strikes as well as getting into a brawl or two, but him saying in the description that ‘He completely destroyed the enemy from behind’ and how it ‘won us the game’ is a little boisterous.

  11. Someone in that match was Captain of a container vessel…full of salt.

  12. 4:57 at this moment Pensacola knew. He messed up.

  13. Do you have a link to your American battleship intro???

  14. The trick is always the same: when a new ship come out, it is overpowered.. most of people will spend money and dooblons for to have it.. after some months ships will be underpowered.

  15. the enemy didnt even try to stop us

  16. Amazing things can happen when BB’s push instead of staying at the back of the map trying to snipe.

  17. I love it when you delete and enemy ship and your captain says: Problem solved sir!

  18. Well that’s unusual. A Nelson not getting Dreadnought and Fireproof.

  19. middle push is only stupid if it dont work 😀

  20. Did they design the Nelson just to do this? Although a DD in the center would have made this impossible.

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