An Excellent Reward Renown 44

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0:00 Intro/Build
2:26 Game 1
14:41 Game 2
25:14 Game 3
34:50 Final Thoughts

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. “I am tier 7 so I am a better version?”

    *Belfast 43 crying in the corner.*

    • Belfast 43 is ok. It’s just not the broken monstrosity that Belfast was.

    • @Mr. Secondaries My comment was about PQ saying renown 44 should be better than renown cuz she’s tier 7 XDD, while Belfast 43 being a tier 8 is worse than Belfast at tier 7.

    • @Varun Kishore more accurate main guns, better secondaries, better torps, better AAA. Yea, I will accept it as a tier 7 ship. I don’t think that a Gneisenau would have a very pleasant experience against a well-handled Renown 44 either.

    • Gneisenau overmatches it though doesn’t it?

  2. 23:30 – I have died so many times in my DDs because of this shit sub rework that gets you stuck in what looks like open waters… WG really fucked up with that.

    • Also saved ships. I do a lead as they appear to be passing an island and suddenly they are stuck… and a few times that is enough for them to go dark or smoke up… or start messing with the aiming system that is broken around islands anyways.

  3. I would love if you also reviewed these new T7 and T8 ships in the new Operations

    • To be fair most ships, if sailed well, will do OK in Operations. If you can keep the Renown 44 away from being focused she should be a decent ship for them, especially with a secondary build for those missions where you are being pushed hard. Hopefully we get more operations, there are times where that is the only mode I have fun in these days and there is so much potential for them.

    • Moon Cricket Stinks

      Just play German BB and Maintz for operations. I been doing that and carry the best.

    • @Swarm509 That’s the mode I play most of the times. Also helps with farming credits and FXP.

    • @Swarm509 oh I would love for more Operations in general as well as T9 ones. I’ve grown to dislike the PvP aspects of this game after playing for a few years (although tbf I admit I suck at it lol) and spent like a year barely playing until they reworked the Operations recently
      I think they’re fun

  4. The animation is the gyroscopes aligning the torps, one of the things we did have during WW2 for torpedoes. I’m realy torn. Secondary meme Battlecruiser, or a a lower range Repulse. Tough.

    Also man what was the chat in the last game there? So much salt. Also subs man…

  5. i was that oland in the second game btw. I played passive since saw you and the gorizia backing up your dd, while my cruiser just killed himself. After that the NC played behind the CV. Couldnt do much, tried to kill your dd every chance i got. Potatoes i say, POTATOES

  6. I mean they have underwater details now so they could show what she would of looked like sitting on the ocean floor for 3 years on one map…..

  7. A lovely by-catch indeed…. ^^ …and that thing can even brawl, uh ?

  8. This ship has improved secondary accuracy, it should be that good.

  9. 34:05 “Good read on the turn”

  10. I love your videos PO, but I have to admit that I was distracted and paying more attention to your ingame chat in that third match… The amount of misinformation, dude! Also, clearly a player who just got his Massachusetts! Keep up the good work and see you in the next one!

  11. That’s my biggest problem with this game all the hiding bores the heck out of me.

  12. Btw did you see 2 second after you talked about Atago know stuff. He was full broadside, no dmg. He turns ass to NC gets a cit.

  13. @Swarm509 Not much to look at. Most of her has been scrapped by illegal salvaging

  14. Before I watch: if this is a tier 7 Repulse, I’m gunning for it.

    • The Renown was the one British battlecruiser that got a full refit. She was rebuilt along the same lines of Valiant & QE I.

    • I’m aware of its history, I was more so referring to how it played, because off rip it looks to be a tier 7 Repulse with torpedoes.

    • @Aristos Achaion Yes, it’s essentially the Repulse, but with torps and better consumables / secondaries.

      As PQ said, the turret traverse is its main drawback, the ship plays more like a cruiser, so with how fast you move around it highlights that even more.
      In a way it does make sense, you’re using the same turrets as the QE or Warspite. Technically, the Hood too (and even the Vanguard, wth Britain!?), but somehow they don’t feel as bad on those ones (in fact, on the Vanguard they have quite decent traverse, though at T8 they lack the punch of other ships).

      The weird thing is, the Renown was already released as part of the tech tree (not to mention the Repulse already exists as a Premium version of it), so this feels kind of like the old copy-paste Premiums, like the Colorado-West Virginia, Bismarck-Tirpitz or Nagato-Mutsu.

  15. @Swarm509hey could do her as a submarine.

  16. At T7 the secondary range is unimpressive for German ships, for non Germans it is absolute trash, makes playing a secondary build particularly when uptiered very dodgy… Am I the only person that noticed that secondary range of the T5 Brit BB Agincourt is pretty much the same as the T7 Brit BB Renown 44. Have to question what the devs were thinking not giving the Renown 44 a buff to secondary range to at least measure up to the German secondary range at T7… there seems to be a push from WG to make running secondary battleships and cruisers unviable… older ones like the GK / Preussen have really crap concealment so they often get easily focused down before they get into secondary range while the low visibility newer ships all seem to be materially defective in one way or other to discourage a secondary build or using them altogether (and what they did to all secondary cruisers with the commander skills rework was horrible, the crap accuracy hurts as much as the drop in range).

  17. This ship will be good for ops.

  18. Am curious as to why you don’t make more use of the ridiculous RN HE. Some of those shots that “do nothing” almost certainly would do damage let alone start fires.
    Sure, I understand why you don’t use it as the default, but nose-on BBs or BBs on low health?
    THAT I don’t understand, especially with the changes to rapidly swapping ammo types means having the ‘wrong’ type loaded isn’t such a hideous problem.
    As I said, just curious to understand why you appeared not to fire HE at all.

    Meanwhile, yes, WG continues to shit all over this game. Hardly surprising.
    But then why shouldn’t they? It’s not as though gamers GENUINELY DEMAND good quality OR QUIT, is it.
    In fact they continue to pay money, and grind like meth addicted monkeys for that next “must have”.

  19. British Navy seething right now

  20. I see secondaries build = better main guns

  21. Not a bad game but still not selling me on the dockyard event. I do not think the ship being built is that good.

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