An INSTANT classic – World of Warships Best of Twitch 28

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships gameplay moments from Twitch clips during the third week of September 2020.

A special thanks to my patrons: RedRonie, TinyBismarck, FadedWolf14, WafflestompOz, Humphrey10 and ShepherdOfMemories.

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It Is Counterproductive…


  1. FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

    Almost at 5k subscribers guys. Once we reach that milestone, I’ll do a special video on my clip selection process. Hope you enjoy this, shout-out to InGeneral ( and Jakefromgreatfarm ( Expect to see them included in the future. You can find Jake’s youtube channel here:


    I DIED!

  3. Flamu’s laugh is so contageous

  4. I love Mr G, but at 16:38 that is his own fault.

  5. “I believe in you!!!” 😂

  6. good work again Mate =) best regards from Germany

  7. Why was the ChaosMachineGR guy so emotional there at the very end of the video? I hope it was for a positive reason and that he might’ve just been overwhelmed by the support he received that day or something 🙏

  8. 16:04
    It’s a shame really. I would like to watch Mr_Gibbins because I like his character, but he has to defend this bs ship class.
    CVs are able to sit at the very back of the map and farm free damage the entire game. How is this fair to all the other classes?

    Richthofen is by far the most broken CV in my opinion. Far stronger than Haku before the AP-divebomber nerf. It trades HE-rockets for AP-rockets, which are less effective against destroyers, but they fck over cruisers even harder. And if a destroyer refuses to angel you will still do decent damage with AP-rockets (if they angle a tiny bit you might even get penetrations instead of overpenetrations which will result in more damage). Since Richthofen does a lot of citadel damage the damage you do cannot be healed back. You get pre-nerf Haku AP-divebombers and torpedobombers with very fast torpedos (they are hard to dodge even for a destroyer).

    The one thing a carrier player has to do is dodge flak. If you fail to do it you deserve to get your entire squad deleted (like here 16:35). When you fly Richthofen AP-divebombers you can’t see the flak ahead of you and your aiming rectical at the same time which is kinda anoying. And it’s not like it matters if you lose some planes, you are able to launch a new squad right after and try again anyway.

    Very scary Halland AA working as intended –>

    • Richtofen is very powerful but Haku still takes the top because she has an answer for everything and Richtofen has a much higher skill floor than most traditional CVs thanks to the AP rockets. They CAN hurt DDs with a bit of luck and a potato player but Richtofen relies more on the stationary gameplay the modern game has become to make the most of her rockets and you need to be good with your Torp bombers to hit DDs with them. Haku has better DD killing power, while also having good torps which are just as fast (longer arming range though) and not as painful but still very annoying AP bombs, basically in a heavy DD Game Richtofen will have some trouble or a very dynamic match where you cannot generate crossfires on cruisers with the AP rockets, while Haku wont struggle in such situations. Its very good regardless.

  9. Gibbins complaining because he ate flak lmao he should’ve just dodged

    • @lunsmann Correction on behalf of Flamu,”AA Does nothing to an average and above CV player”,A CV player with any idea on how to play CVs would just slow down, manoeuvre through the flak puffs and strike for massive damage, rinse and repeat as many times as you can all at the cost of a few planes here and there whilst you sit in the back were the enemy team cant touch you, Only bad CV players don’t know how to dodge flak

    • Heres some proof of what happens when a CV with actual brain mass plays against a Halland ,

    • All these people here saying just dodge flaks. Go play with Richthofen bombers once and show me how you dodge a Worcester/Stalingrad AA boosted flaks.

    • @M. Zhou – agree, all the german dive bombers are shredded by anything with halfway decent AA. Can’t dodge when making the actual bomb run, at least not if you want to actually hit anything with a bomb.

    • @M. Zhou How dare these ships to have some defense against the mighty god class? After all, every monkey should be able to deal damage in the rat containers, right?

  10. Michael Søndergaard

    damn, most of these are good and theres the little handfull that is outright cracy funny, down to earth dieing of laughter.
    great one again mr brain. but did miss the potato song in the beginning hahahahaha

    • FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

      True 😀 It was there in the end though! Won’t go away, don’t worry, hehe. Might disappear occasionally, but never permanently. xD

    • Michael Søndergaard

      @FreetheBrain – Best of Twitch glad to hear that:-)

    • Michael Søndergaard

      well i need some funny moments with you know if you have those. not sure ive seen any.
      that said, i do believe i saw a clip once with you in a mino rushing and torping two ships. but might have been in a Daniel video

    • FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

      Yes. 🙂 I was thinking of maybe sharing those for the 5k special.

    • Michael Søndergaard

      @FreetheBrain – Best of Twitch makes sense. Would be fun to see. Funny moments. Cool moments and fails🙆

  11. Thanks Brain!!!!!!

  12. Dammit, the Coconut Song got me! Here is the sub. 😀

  13. Totally subscribed!

  14. Glad you included that last clip. 🙂

  15. Also, the Argentina guy is my favorite lol


  17. Wonderful video again 😀

  18. is it just me or does this vid really flickers??

  19. I Really really really enjoy Chaos Machine, he is always so energetic and entertaining

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