An Old School Brawl In Missouri – World of Warships

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite:
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  1. saw this live. it was epic. cant wait to watch it again.

  2. Absolutely badass, great game

  3. Do you actually send Replays to Jingles? Because thats Jingles Material.

  4. Reminds me of my 6 kill Zieten game, I love german BCs so much. Rupprecht is a beast in ranked/brawls.

  5. 1:28 And there is another US bb that has radar, its CConstellation

    • Yeah but is not good as good Missouri

    • The problem with the Connie is it’s not really a BB, it’s a huge BC. You also get one less gun overall and have free-board the size of a Kansas / Minnesota / Vermont.
      The things that do work are the guns being pretty consistent (not NC levels, but close enough), your dumb speed (especially for something that size which looks like it should never go fast to begin with) and the torps which can surprise some people since the ship isn’t that common to begin with and is American too (you’d expect it of the Germans or maybe the Japanese ones).
      My one big gripe with it is that you can’t actually mount Aiming Systems Mod 1 on it, which is very strange for a BC with decent accuracy and torps that would end up benefiting from it…. The Radar is ok, mainly because if you build for it it ends up lasting almost 40 seconds and, coupled with your speed, it allows you to help DDs out in initial engagements at Caps.

  6. I miss the old meta, this gave me 2017 vibes

  7. That’s a completely bonkers game! Great fun

  8. I do love the honesty about the matchmaking you get in a lot of these videos, it does make a lot of difference in any play style and results. I only wish to someday luck into a match with you on my team..

  9. I love Missouri. Standard BB build with swift in silence for the extra speed and repositioning. That radar can still be so useful against DD’s at times it’s not even funny. Since the ship is so rare some people do forget it has a radar.

  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Admiral Ching Lee if he had an Iowa class BB at Guadalcanal.

  11. PQ really said “Bear Witness.” and single-handedly slaughtered an entire fleet.

  12. Fakhar Hayat Adil

    Damn the thrill must have been amazing PQ! GG!

  13. Great game PQ! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I’ve actually been doing the opposite with my secondary skill. The battleships where I just want the fires I’m taking only three pointer secondary range.

  15. 11:36 Wasn’t there a thing where if you got the range upgrade, your dispersion would slightly get better or something? Or did they fix/remove that? I remember something like that last year.

  16. I enjoyed the video. I really like this ship!! Could someone tell me how to enable the boards left and right with players ships and health bars?

  17. Getting close to the Ohio…..a few more days of grinding and I will have the RB to “buy” her. Can’t wait to try out some of your “semi” brawling builds on her.

  18. Yep solid as they come these days, well done.

  19. PQ, amazing match. This is definitely jingles worthy, send him the replay!

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