Andrea Doria is my comfort ship in World of Warships Legends

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  1. If you want to see some more SAP secondary goodness, check out my Doria compilation

  2. U could try Graf Spee next. It’s definite fun against cruisers as the guns guarantee devastating strikes. I got 1 shot by a Graf in a standard. See how much u can destroy your opponents pls 😀

  3. Seems to be a different Doria from World of Warships. In WoWs the Doria gets main gun Sap and AP, instead of HE. The secondaries are also different. They are the standard 90mm HE shells instead. Feels a bit weird to see them reversed, but still.
    Was a fun game, well played!

    • @SirAlric82 True, the tech line ships have SAP plus AP. The premiums have usually HE. I have the Roma in WoWs, love her. Dispersion is sometimes a bit wonky but she usually hits hard. The tech line battleships get a smoke launcher too (tier 8 and above), which Roma also didn’t get. (Since Roma was added before the tech tree.)
      Not sure about the Marco Polo though, think it might have gotten the same package as the Roma got.
      SAP seems pretty fun to use, since it’s very consistent damage. If the armor isn’t too thick, it deals damage, often without ricochet like AP does. Extremely strong against DDs.

    • @Bas van Heumen – If i’m not mistaken, SAP shells from battleships main guns only deal 10% of their damage to destroyers (i think cruisers and other DDs do full damage though) so it’s not really optimal, but that’s what we have to work with.
      Anyway, Marco Polo has the same SAP/AP combo of the italian tech tree ships despite being a premium ship. It’s her sister ship Giuseppe Verdi (also a premium ship) that has the same HE/AP configuration of Roma.

    • doomguy .23 from mars

      @SirAlric82 I think the destroyers have HE and SAP

    • @doomguy .23 from mars – You are right, i forgot about the DDs 😉

    • @SirAlric82 Ah, that makes sense. Yeah, I confused the Guiseppe and Marco. (I haven’t got those in my port) If I remember correctly, Giulio Cesare also has HE/AP, except that ship is no longer available to purchase for quite some time.

  4. I’m grinding the Doria at the minute, really enjoy it. Left the Italian line alone for far too long

  5. One of the reasons why I love playing Andrea Doria is because at Tier 4-5 DD players are still dumb as a brick and often bum rush BBs, rushing into the loving embrace of my SAP secondaries.

    For the new players that are reading this who have only unlocked Tiers 4-5 so far, please do not bum rush, especially German and Italian BBs, their secondaries (especially Italy’s) will shred you apart.

    Also still asking for Kii please, or do you not have it pg?

  6. unbelievable dude, it looks so easy when you play. Great game 👍

  7. Now that a dispersion commander has finally arrived I’m starting to enjoy the Italian line.

  8. Outbound Flight Gaming

    Doria with the new commander is like a whole new ship

  9. magicGfinger Grant

    The new commander makes this thing very usable as a mid range brawler. Consistent accuracy

  10. I like the Italian battleships just imagine what they could be with just one more km of base secondary range

  11. I enjoyed the Doria, takes alot of damage from all angles. But just a fun comfortable ship to play.

  12. I am considering getting the Nassau and try building into the secondaries. Could you do a Nassau video please?

  13. I just got this today and I’m loving this tech tree. I’ve been sleeping on it for sure.

  14. “Ooh a floating dev strike” best line in cinema.

  15. *”I’ve been looking forward to this”* – Captain Dooku

    Ah yes Doria my favourite Italian ship behind Roma. Try Roma next time!

  16. I got Paolo di revel at max level, it’s like having a floating bunker, I got 6 heals 3.5 km will to rebuild, the tier 7 with this build it’s OP

  17. There is one new ship that has reliable secondary is the tier 8 Freddie. Quite possibly the first and so far the only German battleship to have accurate secondaries. Give it a go

  18. Is sap a really type of gun ? 🤔
    Good video !
    Can you do one in Prinz Eugen pls. It is my favourite ship🙁
    The best heavy cruiser, with torpedoes and high penetration ap.

  19. Christoffer Ahnstedt

    Thanks for some very entertaining and informative videos!

    How about one on Flandre? 😃

  20. Mano se joga bem kkkk
    Eu vou na suas ideias e me dou bem também kkkkkk
    Valeu pelas dicas , são ótima parabéns

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