AngryJoe Plays World of Warships! [+Giveaway!]

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  1. Let’s see how fast this comment can get to 1K likes.

  2. WOW you played WOW

  3. take care Joe,godzilla is in the sea searching for generators

  4. World of Warships, more like war of….idk like the comment

  5. oh its painfull too see all the mistakes made by a nonregular player like Joe, reminds me of when i started

  6. Wish this game would come to console

    inb4 PC master race, I’m building my pc soon, but all of my friends are on console

  7. Damn im early better make a joke

    President Donald Trump

  8. You can’t buy yourself a T10 BB with money and premium ships don’t really help you progress down the tech tree.

    Still, atm the Meta of the game is just bad. Everything is about camping in smoke or behind islands and trying to counter that with radar or hydro.

    So now almost every ship gets smoke or radar or hydro and some OP nonsense ships get two of those or even all three…the direction they are pushing is just not good over the last couple of months.

  9. Horizon ZD review….? When? WHEN DAMMIT? WHEEEEEN?

  10. You did not see Get Out. Why?

  11. This reminds me of an old game I played on the 360 called, battle stations midway. It was fun while people  still played it.

  12. You cannot outright buy tier X ships. There are no tier X premium ships. So you don’t know what you are talking about Joe…

  13. Godzilla is approaching the generator, the generator is losing power.
    He’s a man, not a god!
    Sample obtained.
    Dat look good!
    Fly off to the right and explode!

  14. I’m new here and i like this dude.

  15. yudhi adhyatmiko siswono

    Poi ~~~~~~

  16. Wargaming = pay to win

    Warthunder = skill to win

  17. this is bullshit.. i cannot get the code to work.. is it for new members only

  18. Angryjoe sorry but the might jingle be upset how u play

  19. Hey joe just some friendly advice for you (and anyone else who wants to learn a few things)

    1. The white highlight that appears when you go to aim your torpedoes Its used to help you calculate a lead to maximize the chance of hitting a ship with your torpedoes… Aiming outside of that highlight decreases the chance of hitting your target…

    2. Use F3 and use it often: F3 is used to designate targets. This includes allies.
    When aiming at an enemy warship press F3 to designate it as a target for allied ships to prioritize and focus there fire at.
    When aiming at an allied warship press F3 to designate it as a target that needs support from allied ships.
    When aiming at a capture point press F3 to designate it as a priority for capture.

    3. Use CTRL:
    CTRL enables the use of the mouse cursor. This can be used for multiple functions.
    Including the following:
    Use CTRL when aiming at an enemy warship click on it to prioritize it as a target for secondary artillery fire (assuming your in range which is different from ship to ship)
    Use CTRL when looking at an enemy aircraft click on it to prioritize it as a target for Anti-Aircraft Fire. (this is especially important if your a big slow battleship or aircraft carrier as away to try to avoid having your shit wrecked by enemy torpedo bombers and dive bombers as it makes there grouping less accurate allowing you to avoid torpedo’s and reduce the accuracy of dive bombers)

    4. Using SHIFT on the map:
    When you open the map screen (by pressing M) you can set up to five waypoints for your helmsman to sail to. Auto-pilot can be disabled at anytime by altering your course with A, D, Q or E. These Five waypoint can be adjusted at anytime by clicking and dragging on the way points on the map screen.

    also speaking of the map screen double clicking on a grid square will highlight it to all allied ships on there mini maps. So if you saw a enemy destroyer trying to flank your battleships and the enemy ship has gotten out of visual range and you can no longer use F3 try marking a grid square to give your allies estimate as to where it is by double clicking on a grid square.

    You can also do this on the mini map by holding CTRL and double clicking on a grid square on the mini map.

    BUT whatever you do DO NOT spam it or any of the quick messages because that is an asshole thing to do.

    And finally:
    5. Situational awareness and Evasive maneuvers:
    Situational awareness is critical to your survival and you must stay aware of your surroundings at all times. Don’t stay in the view finder for to long or else you might end up beaching yourself making you an incredibly easy target for enemy warships as you wait for your ship to reverse. Situational awareness is also important if you want to avoid having water anywhere but outside your ship from torpedo bombers or sneaky destroyers and unwanted deck fires from dive bombers (again CTRL helps Mitigate SOME of these risks but keeping your eyes and ears open is a better way to avoid these risks all together.)

    If all else fails try taking evasive maneuvers.. By pressing Q or E your ship will begin to make hard locked turns into the desired directions also reducing your speed can help make these turns sharper and also increase the chance that already launched torpedo will miss you since the lead they where launched at will no longer be effective.

    Hopefully this helps the angry navy! and any other new players joining the community cheers and Bravo Zulu to you if you bother to read all of this!

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