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“Crossing Manhattan 2” by: Martin Gauffin

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  1. What’s your job badger

  2. *G U W O P*

  3. What’s with the shittier episode today…..
    I know
    He wasn’t in YouTube rewind

  4. Dammit Bajur why u need greedy companies to pay u for shitty vids


  6. moar seige

  7. Play warthunder war gaming biggest rival it’s much better too

    • war thunder boats is not better than world of warships. war thunder aircraft beat world of warplanes easily and war thunder tanks i find annoying as fuck because not every game should be one hit kill based.

    • I see the Russian bias in tanks but not so much in the planes. There is a little bit but I still dunk on Russian planes 7 days a week. (War Thunder)

    • A Very Mediocre Pigeon

      Joseph Poisson Warthunder has better plane combat than war gaming, argueably better tank combat, and worse ship combat. Warships is the better ship game, plus anime. Which is good for some people.

    • Warthunder has been absolute garbage since 2013, version 1.27
      WT tanks have graphics from 1999, their ship alpha testing has showed that they have no idea what they’re doing, and their airplane gameplay, which was somewhat of prodigical quality in 2013, has been trashed by their monumentally stupid decisions, and their core playerbase, including me, who was a fan from day 1, has left them.
      There is no other word for war thunder devs, than “idiots”. Short and simple – sat on a huge bag of money, could’ve done so much more. Nope, ruined everything. Idiots.

    • Joseph Poisson eh to each their own I tried warthunder and hated the game right off the back played World of Warships loved it right away even though I cant aim for shit are max range xD uninstalled warthunder still play WoW from time to time loved the lets pull back on on the control stick and go straight into a nose dive on PS4 which is retarded if you know anything about a plane even just you pull back it goes up you push it forward it goes down which they cant get right


  9. I would name my ship the U.S.S


  10. When badger uploads so u slap a teacher and go to the bathroom then realize it’s a add but it’s still good

  11. …World of Warships video on peArL HaRboR dAY

  12. 3:36 he just went strait through the buoy

  13. Bajur playing as Japan on Pearl Harbor day

  14. Freaking ocean man god damn it

  15. Are those shirts still in sale?!?!

  16. please play payday2.

  17. bagel we luv u

  18. A Random soul from Chicago Illinois

    Ohooo so this is how I can stop Pearl Harbor from happening …

  19. God left

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