Annapolis Might Be Too Good….

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Ship request :constellation or borodino please

  2. God Dammit..Now I want to play the Annapolis.

    PQ: would you ever do coachings or game reviews for the helpful tips? +

  3. 6:35 it shows your name and shima as your ship in the chat, i’ve noticed the same in a match i had before, is that a new bug?
    Awsome video btw, never tried Annapolis but love my Des Moines!!

  4. I had my highest BXP ever game in Annapolis. I think she is awesome. Love her nimbleness, firing angles, fast turrets, and yes her accuracy. Great at both HE/fire starting and AP raw damage. I also run range mod, you kind of have to with all these maps where she can’t hide. At 17+ km’s she’s great at open water gunboating as well.
    I very rarely use the burst fire. I have to be sure I will not need to fire at anything else for that half minute or I won’t do it. I prefer the raw dmg output. She shreds. Can’t find a single fault with this ship.

  5. I still don’t like the superships on principle, especially the first wave with the F key gimmicks. Annapolis just being a DM with more health and the fourth turret, fine, whatever, but regardless. Conde can be pretty filthy in randoms as well, pretty much prints devstrikes if you spot a broadside cruiser and hit the magic button (or just use the reload booster), but it was everywhere in clan battles last season for a good reason. I haven’t played it since then, mainly because I like not losing money while I still have lines to grind through.

    • My personal issue is that as they’re not balancing randoms by skill, superships result in even less balance and less predictable games and steamrolls. Your team can have AFK Hannover that only wakes up after half a match passed, their team will have a sweaty tryhard premade Satsuma & carrier & dd that snipe and harrass everyone across the map

  6. No shit, all superships are “too good”

  7. DM with Halsey is already insane. Anapolis with Halsey buff is just ridiculous, especially when you proc it so early. Nice game 🙂

  8. Had arms race and Halsey activated, 2.8s reload on the Des Moines

    • Now I want to experience that.

      You had more shells per minute than F.sherman at that point, about 30% more, but with DM shells.

  9. Hey PQ, one my favorite parts of the game is clan battle strategy. Strategy has a limited role in randoms because you have no influence over other ships. Any consideration for clan battle content? Best ships for the season, ship positioning, how to play the specific maps, etc. I’d love to hear your thoughts on those subjects. Thanks!

  10. Arizona Anime-Fan

    the annapolis is really strong. I sunk an ohio in a 1v1 gun battle <10km with me kiting away from it. it was horrifying how fast it sunk the ohio. Every time i've used it, i've hit 200k damage in her without too much trouble.

  11. So while you are CC could you play some premium ships like carnot?

  12. Ship Request: Mainz or Cleve for this season CBs

  13. Prisoner of the Highway

    I’m glad most of these T11 aren’t as broken as they were in testing. I’ll never have enough credits to play them but at least they can be countered.

  14. Might be? Anap is the best surface ship in the game lmfao

  15. 4:11 that should be friendly damage if we are talking about realism

  16. “Annapolis might be too good” Did you NOT make a video like 2 or 3 months ago saying the Corde is straight up better? Or was that someone else i watch?

    Reguardless, Id argue annapolis is one of the more Balanced super ships at a glance, its a Des Moies with a 4th turret. Its basically the USS Buffalo for the Des Moines. The burst fire makes sense since its got autoloader guns, and its still got the utility US cruisers provide.

  17. Annapolis is absolutely cracked. I’ve had more 200k+ games in it than every other ship I have combined. Granted, I’m no unicum though. In practice, it feels like Annapolis has better dispersion that DM even though it’s the same on paper. BelowAverage_Potato 🙂

  18. Annapolis got a dpm of around 650k on its AP shells. compare it to something like a Colbert wich has 734k dpm but Colbert also trades all utility for it’s dpm. Meanwhile Anna got a full usn cruiser suite with better HE and AP wich will make that theoretical dpm into actuall damage better. Amd with a burst fire on top of it for exta measure

  19. A Slava can overmatch DM / Annapolis? I don’t think that’s right. Slava’s whole thing is that it can’t overmatch.

  20. I always feel dirty playing the superships in random battles as it nearly always has t9 boats in there too who have no chance in hell against me. Its like being a bully at school picking on the younger kids lol

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