Announcement! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. No matter what you do, we will be here by your side and support you!

  2. Hey Spartan
    StealthbodyXVII here ,am back on trying to get my ships up in levels only @2&3 now but look forward to a few games in future

  3. Spartan love you always bro, please stay safe during this outbreaks❤️ much love from Australia

  4. I hope things go preferably for you spartan i truly do take care of yourself too man you’re important to all of us here my man! Also poi.

  5. I was wondering the same thing about your Dad, you need to stay away from work!!!! I’m 63 and quite healthy and my Son lives with h me doesn’t need to work due to a recent inheritance and I’m on a Work based pension, so we’re good to stay away from everyone!!!

  6. Spartan as long as your ok a I’m fine with it just stay safe and look out for your family dude just stay safe👍👍

  7. Didn’t complain about getting my temp taken at work until I found out I was the only one dropping my shorts for it. The guy after me really complained. 😆 Hope it all works out for ya. GG.

  8. Stay safe brother I’ve done the same thing here in Australia but we brought out a policy that you can’t be fired in this time for staying home to self isolate. Hope it all works out for you though brother.

  9. GG. We are all in this together. This level of worldwide isolation has never been attempted before, we are the experiment and nobody really knows how bad things could have or could get without these measures being taken. Peas love and Stay safe all. Johnno Bloke.

  10. This is kinda ironic I literally just got the amagi yesterday and I really don’t know how to feel about it. I don’t know if I wasted my time or its just my luck or I’m just playing it wrong

  11. Nice when it’s not just Iowa and jean Bart gameplays

  12. Being healthy is more important than your job also I hope u and your father stay safe . Love from Alabama

  13. I love my amagi but it’s awfully frustrating at times.
    I won’t even get started on how much the Bart irritates me.
    Got to do what you feel is right, I hope it means you can hang onto your job.

  14. I’m from Italy, we are in the quarantine 3rd week. All can i say is BE SAFE. Stay home As much as possible, not just for yourself but even for your loved ones since this virus is very dangerous for older people. Stay safe Spartan! Stay safe everyone! GG

  15. Your videos just remind me how when I use all these ships I do a tenth of this damage

  16. The wife’s work is doing temp reading on the way in for each shift

    Picked her up from work lastnight & driving through town it’s like being in a apocalypse movie no one around & everything in darkness

  17. Dusk On Controller

    I’m sorry to hear this. 😢 Just can’t wait until this all just ends 😩🙌🏻

  18. Hopefully this means more salty streams!!!

  19. Spartan do what’s best for you n your family. I lost my mom just after Christmas and if she was still here I would lock down the compound since she would be very high risk.
    You put out the videos I’ll watch!

  20. Most of us truckers get temp regularly due to being ” critical to maintain the supply chain “

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