AP ONLY || 340K Damage / 3k base XP || World of Warships

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  1. More potatoes broadside please :p

  2. Tripple Citadel on Montana with this dispersion… of course !

  3. what’s that bell they added when the ship reloads? and why do only BBs get it?

  4. I saw a turtle there .

  5. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    not surprising

  6. 4:00 3 critical

  7. Very fast reload

  8. Since when is AP only a challenge?

    Oh. Right. Don’t remind me.

  9. I love the 3 potatoes in line B 1/2, totaly usless if the est flank is down !

  10. I thought it was a conqueror replay based on the title

  11. AP only what?
    You forgot to tell ship

  12. If this guy was any further back on the map he would be actually be on a DIFFERENT map. GG top tier battleship…..GG

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