Are Battleships Destroying World of Warships

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We need to take a look at a 45,000 ton elephant in the room. . Even War- admits there is . Is this a bad thing? Is it hurting the game? Is there anything we can even do about it?

I give my thoughts on the topic, and the power creep we are now seeing. Yes… I said power creep. You need only look to the line to see that it is evident.

We are losing diversity as more BBs come out, and less players play other ship classes.


  1. Increase the exp or credits or both of cruisers significantly. Might solve the problem. If credits you’ll see a lot of people driving cruisers to farm creds. The downside is you’ll see more of Belfast.

  2. Alright lets be honest NoZoup – There’s already a hard cap of 5 BB’s per match! 2 the reason that that everyones using HE in the British BB’s is because of Youtubers telling players to use HE only whereas I’ve been getting good results with just AP even blowing DD’s out of the water with it. 3 I’ve played US/UK/French cruisers since I’ve started playing WoWs and WG have consistently gimmicked them and made each line weaker and harder to play till they get to the higher tier ships which are halfway decent eg Fiji,Edingburgh. 4 players that can afford to splash the cash will buy premium ships to get ahead rather than play through the free ships and research their way up? I was accused of being a “Pay to win B*tch” ingame because I was using my Graf Spee that I’d won doing the GF Campaign over xmas because I deleted a Cleveland hiding behind a island because he didn’t realise the wallet warrior version has HSF in the name and a completely different camo! till he saw my rank in the after battle report screen. 5 Nerfing British BB’s when their already weaker than other nations ships in many other respects is not the answer and I told Ichase this. The problem is the historical counters to BB’s eg destroyers /Carriers aren’t as easy to learn to play as BB’s as with DD’s you have to learn stealth approaches and CV gameplay is completely different to every other type of ship in the game its top down and you have to be good at micro management to control multiple squadrons and have to sail your ship at the same time!. 6 The appeal of BB’s has always been historical from Napoleonic times till even now and youtubers always featuring BB’s doing massive damage battles hasn’t helped any plus the fact that WG thrives on releasing Premium ships for getting players money their going to keep doing this remember the furore that kicked off when the Belfast was released? a Cruiser that could smoke,torp and stealth fire? 7 doing tutorials on how to play CV’s DD’s and CR’s will help the player base understand how to play these ships But there’s always going to be wallet warriors  and campers and so called team members that wont support their team mates for of getting sunk is what ruins a so called team based game I have been playing the British BB’s like a cruiser captain getting up front and supporting the DD’s and CL/CA/CR’s but when you see the rest of the BB’s on your BB’s huddling together at the back of the map waiting for everyone else to either do their dirty work for them or die so they can have a easier time of it or swoop in for the kill its disheartening and I Blame Youtubers for not calling it out and showing replays of it of how to win in a BB rather than getting stuck in with the rest of the team and I say this as someone who has played mainly cruisers but has played DD’s and BB’s I tried playing the Langley but just couldn’t get into it as their aren’t any/many CV tutorials out there.

  3. Get rid of everything but battleships then the chicken hawk pantie waists can sit around at range and never move. No one would ever cap. It would be a snooze fest. Nothing ruins a match more than a 5+ BBs in a match. 1/4 speed ahead chaps, we have to hold our loads for that cruiser.

  4. Uhm Wrong I am using mostly AP with them and am doing about the same as when I use HE. AP is just fine with them. Infact I find that AP damage cant be repaired as much on RN bbs.

  5. Could part of the BB problem be that other ships types (Cruisers, Carriers) are not effective counters?

  6. Good for the game? Of course, I love me some battleships.
    Somethings that killed the gameplay, at least for me, was stealth fire.

    Now, if I fire my guns as a destroyer or crusier at a battleship… That battleship better be on low health or Im having dinner with Davy Jones.
    Anyone playing Destoryers/Crusiers, either hide in the smoke, or behind Island.

    Lets be real, Torps and smoked were nerfed because of the battleships, hoping that they would push forward. (Understandably so, In real life, if there was a ship 10km away, YOU would see it).
    Battleships already could snipe from the back, now there is no real reason to push, because they are safe. Because battleship arent pushing (regularly) crusiers and destoryers are locked. They cant do anything because they would be insta deleted.

    This is the time of the Smoke/inland gameplay. (I know it was there prior, but before the stealth fire nerf, people would spread out. Now when the match starts player scurry to islands or smoke.)

    The gameplay is WAY too passive right now.

  7. What’s killing the game is these dumbasses complaining about the BB, just play the fucking game.

  8. my favorite is the teir 4 italian cruiser

  9. I think it’s that players like citadeling players and hate being Citadelled. Look at how the game was at first launch when battleships struggled to hit things, people played cruisers because they were effective and the primary counter to them (battleships) could rarely do massive damage to them. There were a few times I sailed straight up to a New York in a Murmansk and torped him in the face (while burning him) while his shells scattered everywhere. Was that a good thing? Nope. But as a result of that people saw that cruisers were good and thus played them.

    The queue time idea is a bit unrealistic you’d also have players say “Oh well I can’t play a battleship? screw this game it was fun while it lasted. Time to go play something else”. Imagine putting a similar limit on high tier destroyers. The DD mains would go insane and scream they’re quitting again (you know like their reaction to RDF, removal of stealth fire, nerfs to the japanese torpedoes….)

    If there’s something that should be done it’s buffing the surviability of cruisers so that they are more universally enjoyable.

  10. 10:45 those friendly torps lol. welcome to our world

  11. Want to see a change in BB population? Give me back my classic IJN DDs.

  12. British BB spamming HE and punching big damage and setting fires per salvo seams to much. Having 2 cv’s on each side should be limited to 1. 2 good cv players on one side is game winner before anyone starts match.

  13. Your comments about players refusing to push or tank are spot on. I see team after team hanging in the back and refusing to push the caps. I can’t figure out why they’re afraid of getting their fake ship scratched. It’s really frustrating pushing up in your Bismarck and getting focused down with no sup[port while everyone else is playing border patrol. The last two days I’ve gone about 5-20 due to passive team play. If my monitor didn’t cost so much to replace I would have thrown it by now.

  14. I have a lot of success in Soviet cruisers, they are actually worse than BBs in that you can’t see them at long range between shots. Encouraging CV play will curb bb play and weakening bb AA will ensure not only are they targeted first but give a reason for cruisers and dds.

  15. I think both of Wargaming’s big two games, WoT and WoWS, would benefit greatly if wargaming would stop trying to make everything balanced and better. Just leave the damn things alone and let folks play what and how they want to.

  16. I know for me at least I started in battleships only because I grew up admiring them and in awe of how powerful they were. I now mostly play cruisers since I’ve learned they fit better with my play style.

  17. Talks about what makes the Battleship so attractive for new players and leaves out the god damn heal.

  18. Some ppl like the slow paced battle of bb

  19. >grind money
    This. T8 premium cruisers are not that great. Kutuzov maybe, beside it need a lot of perks to perform well, WG promise us to nerf smokes and IFHE, which makes this baby pretty bad investition object right now.
    So, what do we have? Lo’Yang, HSF Harekaze and BBs, and more BBs comming soon, ’cause WG never think twice in money/balance situation, grab cash first, handle fires later. Both DDs are great, and both because it offers a pretty unique gamepley, I would say both requires unique gameplay in order to be successfull.

    So, in order to get money you need to buy premium camo for your T10 or BB. And if you don’t wanna pay for virtual stuff… well MeSorry is only option you left with.

    P.S.: No, I don’t forgot about carriers, but let’s talk about this ship class, when it get’s gameplay and actual graphics, ’cause ordering your green icon to fly over red icon is some kind of autism. And doing this to get virtual cash is autism in power of four.

  20. fun fact.
    The Orion HE is better then Montana HE.

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