Are Legendary Modules Too Powerful? World of Warships Legends 4K

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Epic (purple) Modules are now available to all players who have 500 steel. Simply go to the module you’re interested in upgrading and press X (on Xbox).
Legendary (gold) Modules can be obtained for an additional 2000 steel via the same process. What’s the difference?

Epic modules will grant a bonus (for 1 battle only) based on damage earned. Every 30,000 damage will unlock 2% of the following buffs:

Artillery Plotting room – buffs dispersion
Torpedo Module – buffs torpedo reload
Reload Module – buffs gun reload
Secondary Module – Buffs secondary reload
Range Module – Buffs gun range

Finally, the Legendary Modules will grant a 5% damage bonus per ship frag.

Check out this gameplay and ship review to see if she is worth it for you.
-Derka NA CC

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  1. The counter-argument being that players need bonuses to offset the inaction/weakness of newer players. This also rewards players who do take initiative and deal damage.

    The only issue I have with it being the risk of kill stealing. It should be 50k to activate legendary upgrade.

  2. This is a tough one. As a veteran myself with over 40k steel, i’m loving this.

    From the perspective of someone new, I understand the struggle.

    Bottom line, there will never be anything that wargaming can do that will please everyone.

    So my take, please the players that have invested the most amount of time in this game. And I feel that’s what they did.

  3. I love the idea gives something to grind for to actually better your ship

  4. They’re fine, t7 is meant to be more competitive so newbies can play down if they feel overwhelmed. It takes the match to activate these things anyways and newbies are most likely dead by the time they are hitting. Props to you as a veteran looking at the other side!

    • Yeah I started a new alt account a while back just to see life on the other side…umm it’s painful sometimes lol

    • @Derka Games I can imagine. I took a couple months break before Christmas into the spring this year and just getting back into it even with the fact my account is pretty pimped…it takes a bit. Timing, anticipation, hell leading targets or accounting for their turns. It’s really not as easy as it seems when watching.

  5. They haven’t worked out the best way of having game dependant skills yet. The way they’ve done them with these mods is subpar in my option.

    There’s got to be a better way of measuring game impact than damage/kills. Like they’ve done with xp. It’s already getting pretty frustrating when I take ships down to sub 5k with no teammates shooting at them and then as soon as they are low it’s like the entire lobby wakes up for the steal.

    I like the idea of buffs mid game but I think I prefer it in the skill tree like they did with the Germans rather than on mods.

    Tier 6 used to be my favourite tier now it’s just a punching bag

    • Some good points man thanks for sharing

    • Poor ol’ tier 6. Used to be my favourite tier too and I hope they do something to make it fun again. Well I mean it’s still fun but by comparison to how it used to be…. I don’t wanna say it’s depressing, but it’s certainly less fun than it was.

  6. I have full build secondarys with epic module on LePanto and boy does that ever kick out the SAP the damage is awesome.

  7. Personally I think they’re great bc it allows u to fight better against more ships if ur team doesn’t help

  8. Legendary mods add an interesting and battle-impact based twist to the modules. I think it’s a welcome change. However, I do think they shouldn’t be available for purchase with steel—nor should they be limited to higher tiers (maybe starting at tier III?). They should become available after an additional milestone of ship XP has been achieved (think of it like prestige in CoD) , and then be available for purchase with silver. At lower tiers these modules are less effective, but improve in multiplier with each tier graduation. This would encourage ship mastery at the lower levels, and players could uninstall and swap the legendary mods between ships of the same tier (for dubloons) to really hone their skills.

    • I like the idea of earning a ships Legendary module through time played and accolades! Like COD like you say. That’s pretty brilliant.

  9. IMO, leg mods (potentially epic mods too) should have their max bonus capped at different levels depending on the ship they’re installed in. 10% fpr T7, 20% fpr tier 8, and 25% fpr legendary. I’d also like them to be driven by something other than kills, ie attract3d damage for BBs, spotting damage for DDs, etc.

    • In my opinion…it’s not even a debate…they shouldnt exist. We should just have a good game to play. I have legendary mods on a number of ships now, and I do enjoy the stupidity on one hand. But on the other, I think it not only does things like invalidate all the damage records that have been accumulated over years by the player base, but also concentrates the player base into already OP or meta ships, and as such makes grinding certain lines or playing certain ships that we all know we wont be putting these mods on much more cumbersome. For example, I’ll never put a legendary mod on an Amalfi even if I enjoy the playstyle quite a bit, and I’m not going to spend 25 doubloons 30 times in a row to switch between Amalfi and something else over and over. Not to say you still cant have great games in ships without an epic/legendary mod…of course you can…but the fact that even if it’s a 2-3-4% competitive disadvantage vs something else…well that’s a shame.

    • @SkiFreee completely agree, I’m just trying to think of a way to make them more reasonable even though, ultimately, I think their inclusion is dumb. Just a way to turn standard battles into brawl 👍

    • Maybe capping out T7s like that would help give more incentive to play T8, and help protect T6 players a little more as well. Cause lets face it, T7 has some insanely powerful ships

  10. Been playing since day 1 and the type to not spend money on the game outside of campaigns. I dont have a problem with them and actually think store commanders are more egregious. Although a grind, the mods are still earnable opposed to commanders. At the beginning of the game a ship with mods and one without are effectively equal, while with bought commanders you have an inherent advantage even before the match starts. And fully powered up mods you’ll only have for a fraction of the game.

  11. I’m steel poor right now after buying the Mo, but I’m all for being able to selectively enhance your ships with some of the hardest to earn currency. If you’ve got the steel, you’ve earned it. There’s no real way (aside from buying out the campaign every season) to boost that income other than time and grind. If they were only available with doubloons, I’d have the complete opposite opinion, but for steel, it feels about right.

  12. Thanks for the vid Derka.
    Im not really for these mods, making the arcade game more arcady lol. Did i get any? You bet i did.
    Legendary dispersion on my Massa and epic torps on my Somers. The torp one is kinda useless, but it is my Somers lol.
    For me after just over 2yrs of basicly playing daily, i find the commanders make the absolute biggest difference. It was very noticeable when i jumped a commander from level 7/1 up to a 14/2. I went from a potatoe to a slightly less useless potatoe just that fast😂
    Keep up the awesome work my man. 🍻

  13. I use my Mainz CE for campaign grinding and I can’t wait to put a legendary reload mod on it. The ship in full on dpm mode is a monster, the epic mod made it nasty, and I think it’ll be the king of tier 7 late game savagery once I get about 200 more steel.

    And no I don’t feel bad for Colorado’s with no camo.

  14. I think if the epic and legendary mods were restricted to only Tier 8 and Legendary Tier it might solve the problem. It would make it easier on new players who have only just got to Tier 6. It will ease them in to the big tiers rather than having Tier 7 veterans cruelly annihilating them (fun though that is).

    Keeping them in Tier 8 will help Tier 8 at providing decent opposition to Legendary ships as intended and will make Tier 8s a little more interesting compared to Tier 7s and give us some much needed incentive to play Tier 8.

  15. As someone who’s a 2 year veteran just about of the game, and hopeful it continues to grow, I think the legendary mods are just a little too much. We as a community should want the game to grow so that people continue to play the game we’ve put hours, days, years into building up our fleet and I say this as a beneficiary of the legendary mods.
    Just my 2c

    • I agree with you. I feel for people who I would recommend this game to. I suppose I would just suggest them to grind 5-8 lines to T5 before attempting to play the high tiers

  16. I haven’t picked up any Legendary mods yet. I’m going to wait a bit longer. But as far as P2W, I’m currently trying out my 16/3 Arthas the Cold inspiration on my 16/4 AL New Jersey in my Kansas with epic plotting room mod. Should be interesting.

  17. The way I see it everybody had equal opportunity to play this game when it came out 4 YEARS AGO, if you didn’t because of one reason or another it isn’t my fault. Us vets have put the time in and these mods and high level captains are the product of that time investment, even now I’m still gathering insignias and universal commendations to boost my captains, I’m currently working on getting the Pan-American secondary captain up to 16-4, I just saved to 7 commendations for level 3 so hes at 15-3, the Atlantico is my new favorite T7 battleship with an epic secondary mod, so much fun it absolutely shreds everything.

  18. Spend the 2500 dubs get the backing , then play the guts out of the campaign and then if ya want to earn steel pay the remaining dubs, for example this campaign I paid for admiral backing 2500 dubs , then got to 75 , then paid 7000, dubs to hurry it up to make steel , keep in mind every extra level after 100 will net you 5 steel so be prepared to get to 200 or 269 like I have the last 4 or 5 campaigns 😊

  19. As a DD main, I’m a little bummed with the switch to 30k damage for the Epic tier of these babies due to the damage being limited vs other classes. On one hand, i like this for the carry potential when teammates are being potatoes. I also like that it encourages somewhat aggressive play to try to max out the legendary side of this. On the other, wow, it makes some ships so insanely powerful. Pants with secondary mod, looking at you.

    At least they released this stuff with a Salem drop in the Forge to make an opportunity cost of spamming mods vs that getting that monster.

    I think, overall, with there being at least a debate with either side having valid points, means that wargaming did a nice job with this.

  20. I am very happy with these modifications. Far too many games, these days cater to the brand-new player for financial reasons and forget their loyal long-term player base. If I start a competitive multiplayer game, six months or more after launch I expect to be at a disadvantage there are other players that have put six months of hard work into the game to get to where they are. This is life there are no free handouts. If little Timmy is bothered by the fact that he is slightly less competitive because he’s just started the game and he probably needs to go and play something non-competitive

    • I agree, in a way. The game shouldn’t cater to newbies, sute. I just feel like the discrepancy between the benefits veterans have access to, vs noobs cannot be so great that noobs just get squashed without a fighting chance. It makes it un-fun for new players. Yjen they quit. And if new players are not coming to a game, the game will eventually die.

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