Are lower tier CVs as broken as we think they are? – World of Warships

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So I was talking to some peeps about CVs and some of them asked me to go play lower (than tier 10) tier CVs, because they believed tier 10 was the issue and at lower tier they’re not nearly as big of a menace.

I said alright, truth be told I really did not play tier 4-6-8 in a very long time, I’ll go ahead and do just that.

So I picked IJN CVs and played 1 match in all 3 of them.

I admit, these CVs are not as I remember them to be…they’re worse.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. bismarck’s AA was built and designed for high performance aircraft in mind it physically had troubletracking and dealing with something so slow flying like the swordfish.

    • FreedomFighterEx

      @lunsmann The entire fight was cursed on both sides. It feel like which side going to get curse less.

    • @FreedomFighterEx The entire war was cursed, but the worst side lost and I am happy with that. I am of equal German and English descent. My German relatives were living in Konigsberg when the war started, and finished the war in Saarbrucken.

    • @lunsmann the great war isn’t over. “Ww2” was just a continuation of the great war after a short intermission. And we are still fighting the war, because the ussr wasn’t defeated (to free poland and the rest of eastern Europe). Because of that they were able to supply the ccp with enough material to push the roc onto Taiwan (thanks to the usa state department refusing to get involved).

      So now we are dealing with the fallout of letting the ussr screw around for 46 more years (before it collapsed in on itself). And that time has allowed the ccp to grow and fester.

      And let’s not forget the middle east fuckups still on going directly attributed to ww1 / ww2 failure of resolutions.

      Sure the usa hegemony intermission has been, relatively, peaceful. But it’s been just that. And with the middle east primed to explode, and China eyeing up Taiwan thanks to a bad reading of a weak administration in the white house… shit is going to get interesting again.

    • @CthulhuBeard – i want the drugs you’ve been smoking.

    • @CthulhuBeard well they where involved in the early fight, when give up when going gets hard, the Roc for all its short comings was still Americas best bet at stoping communits, the decision to stop supporting it was a big mistake.

  2. I started playing WOWs because I was interested in the carrier action in WW2 and got the Langley. I sucked hard, got the Orion, played a loot with it and after 1-1,5 years, I understood the game and moved on to other tiers. End of last year, I gave CVs a try again. This time with Hosho, and even though I sucked with the Langley, I now had enough game experience to utterly crush the enemy teams at T4 with it.
    (I suck with Ryujo/Ranger nonetheless)

    All in all, I liked the experience, because I learned to line up torpedos with a CV like you did at 8:17 against the Moltke. It’s basically a guaranteed hit. I now profit from this knowledge by playing other classes …

    • …by avoiding CVs like the plague, you mean? I never play Randoms any more and in Ranked Leave the queue if there’s a CV count of 1. This will slowly become the norm for more and more players until, guess what? The game dies.

    • Antisocial Engineering

      @RS2Russ Well, you could be right. I used to play WoWs casually, and was thinking of getting back into it, but all this crap with CV’s and now Subs… no way am I going to re-install. Having a class of combatant that is so effective, and so hard to counter is really silly. From what I see AA is so ineffective in the game, at this low tier where AA was historically bad anyway. Honestly, it’s probably the closest thing to realism in the game, CV’s killed off the BB and big cruisers IRL, they’ll do it here as well UNLESS they make countering them possible.

  3. Furious Sherman

    Funnily enough, I remember the old RTS style of carrier gameplay having some extremely broken aspects as well. For example, you used to be able to one-shot BBs with unavoidable cross-drops from torpedo bomber squadrons, AP dive bombers could do 35-40k damage on one strike, and a good CV player would find ways to beat all the counterplay and single-handedly annihilate an entire enemy team. Likewise, if a CV player wasn’t an absolute god, they were likely the main reason why their team would lose, while the feeling of powerlessness that CV players would have against no-fly zone ships like the Des Moines and Minotaur is something no person playing any game should experience. The class has simply been messed up ever since the beginning; the so-called “good ol’ days” weren’t actually that good.

    • @Furious Sherman U probably missed the shot coming from somewhere. It was impossible since beta.

    • Furious Sherman

      @alcel24 I didn’t miss anything. I know what I saw and it happened not long before the rework.

    • @Furious Sherman Then let me rephrase it. Boolshit. My nick is alcel_1. Stats are there.

    • Old RTS had a critical technical issue too. Performance of the UI was all over the shot and there was no consistent reason for it. It was a big ask from the start to get that games UI to handle an RTS type action.

  4. Tried flying with planes like these in War Thunder. Torpedo bombing there is a whole different story: you FEEL the weight on your plane with that heavy torpedo. Takes a while to climb up to high altitudes due to the extra weight and you arent turning your plane this well even without the torpedo.

    Also can’t fly high then swoop down and drop your torp. If you swoop down from high up, your plane will increase speed drastically and depending on your torpedo’s limitations, you cannot drop your torp when you are flying too fast or too high or else it will drown the instant it hits the water. You have to fly low to the water and slow while aiming your shot and weathering AA fire and enemy fighters. Then you drop the torp and have to try to escape with your life.

    Neither game is perfect, but it’s interesting when you play lots of different ww2 games for new perspectives. Naval aerial bombing warships (using actual naval bombers) in WT feels like a struggle; in WoWS you feel like God’s hand over the ocean.

  5. And now imagine what it was like until … a year or so ago, when Hosho still had a double torpedo drop. Yes, you were forced to return to your ship sooner, but instead of four to five attacks with around 4800 damage, you got two with 9000 or more, if you got it right. The nerf was needed, and is still not really enough.

    • And the ability to manually set the drops was disgusting. Those poor BBs at tier 4 as they watch 2 sets of torpedo bombers drop at different angles and point blank… no dodging and no hope of safety

    • @Dargesh890 there is no Manual drop till you reach tier 6.
      Langley, bogue, hosho and zuiho doesn’t have Manual drop.

    • @Silincer this was a nerf in 2017 or so,

    • @Silincer it used to be able to do manual drops quite a long time ago

  6. Imagine expecting WG to actually balance a game. They have no incentive for that. Quite the opposite. The incentive is to have as broken vehicles as possible to get people to grind or purchase them, and rotate the brokenness so there is always something new to grind or buy. This is what people call powercreep.

    • Preach!

      Its so annoying to watch people continue to demand things WG has already shown conclusively they want do…

    • War robots did same thing on mobile, 1st year was great then keep adding new bots that totally destroyed previous ones and it took a long time to upgrade said bots unless ya paid, but as long as people pay, they’ll continue to do make games like that

    • @dclark142002 there is no stopping river flow with arrows. So i say let WG dig their own grave.

  7. Jussi Raitoniemi

    That comment about Bismarck not being able to stop the Swordfish torpedo planes is probably the real life equivalent to this game, because those planes were made of canvas so unless you hit the pilot or the engine, you basically do no damage to the plane

  8. I remember when I tried carrier when they were new on Legends, I’d literally just find the DDs and circle them til my team killed them.
    Fun and engaging game play.

  9. I remember when US BBs were explained as having good AA. Such a joke now.

    • Alipheese the 16th

      even the us cruisers are a joke now, they top aa back in the day now they nerfed them to the ground

  10. Thank you.
    I see you/others playing this game, and am heartily reminded why I *DELETED* WoW from my PC.
    Truly appreciated!

  11. About a year ago, there was no MG fire before the rockets would strike so you had a directer strike capability. Also the amining radical was round, not oval which gave IJN CVs a bit of an edge.

  12. The tier 6 Soviet CV is so over powered. I have had some monster games in it. Can easly rocket plan cruisers for half health a run.

  13. To the “can CVs 1 shot people?” i think Hornet may be able to 1 shot bigger DDs with the b25 strike, ive taken 22k in my gumo from them and it wasnt a straight lined up strike.

  14. 49:21 clevelands for once where pretty nice in killing of planes fast. I used to play the game like 4-5 years ago so bevor carrier rework, and they where awesome in AA. + I played some pretty fun games with friends where i would play a cv with an almost full fighter loadout. First roll was to take the enemys planes out and keeping my 2 mates alive. Second roll scouting for dds. that was acually funny. The biggest joys came after the game when the enemy carriers came crying. And sadly thats the only thing i miss about wows…

  15. I remember getting the Kaga in a supercontainer a friend gifted to me.
    I played 1 game without ever playing CV ever after rework, I sucked.
    Went in and played 4 games with the Ryujo and then 6 games on the shokaku
    I watched a Video with Toptier playing Kaga, I then went and play with my Kaga.
    I completely Stomped the sh*t out of the enemy team. And I only played 10 games with CV and I’m not an unicum player or a gifted man with videogames. I just avoided AA blobs, learned the basic mechanics and thats it.

  16. Playing Haku was so stressful and hard to master in rts. The team with the better cv player usually won now every cv player owns the map.

  17. Pavlen Georgiev

    The tier 4 game was really good MM for the CV. Most tier 4 games you have 2 CVs and mostly bots. And bots know how to defend better than the potatoes you played against. And because they’re mostly potatoes, the games end in 7/8 minutes on average. So what we saw was really a one off.

  18. To be honest though he’s used to playing cv’s and knows how to actually use them normal t4 carrier players aren’t that good (Sometimes you get that really good one but they only focus on you the entire game whist ignoring the fact that there team is losing) Edit…The reason Bismarck couldn’t deal with the Swordfish is because they flew so low they were almost skimming the water with there wheels so the aa could not aim low enough to hit them infact some of the pilots had to pull up a bit to lose there torpedo’s

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