Are You Happy With Your Investment in World of Warships

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You’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the game, and if you haven;t spent money, you’ve spent countless hours. Had World of Warships delivered after five years? Are you happy with your investment?


  1. Used to be before the cv rework, but since then wg has done their utmost to try to ruin the game so in short, No!

  2. Like others, I was perfectly happy to throw a moderate amount of cash at this game. But no more.
    Since the CV rework, WG have bumbled into one clusterfuck after another, all while leaving the issues with CVs untouched. WG will not see another dime.
    And with Subs on the horizon it looks like I am not just done paying, playing is coming to an end before too long.

    • Master Skilhollow

      Well-put, I completely agree.

    • Why did they even want to do the rework? We all preferred it when there was less cvs in the game!?

    • Francois Leblanc

      Totally agree too.  This game is about to come to an end on my side.

    • @MikeyTeaSpoon Simply put, they wanted to increase the number of people playing carriers so they could sell more $75 CV bundles in the premium shop.

    • Been playin since the open beta and ever since I been playin CoD I enjoy the plethora of games modes COD provides from Warzpone, Single player campaign, Mulitpalyer with great varitey of modes to get into. I decided not invest anymore money into World of Warships till things change. I may play here or there but it wont be like how it was in the past 😒🤦‍♂️.

  3. TruckingShooter

    Not recently no. After last Christmas my wallets closed. Edit: I hope you’re reading this war gaming. (But I doubt they’ll listen even if they are)

    • SizzleChest McMurphy

      @I Gusti Praba I’m one of the whales and MY wallet is now closed. I’m sick and tired of the complete dearth of content in WoWS. What’s the point in buying more premium ships if none of the game modes I’m using them in interest me anymore?

    • Yeah they lissen but bount to do anything about it, they read the forum but bount to do anything….that’s where zoup comes in !!

    • SizzleChest McMurphy should’ve closed it since the CV rework. I’ve closed mine since the Conqueror was released. I know from that point on, from the way the devs acted, this game’s future isn’t bright.

    • My wallet has also remained closed since the PR fiasco, for any WG title; they all have the same issues.

    • existentialvoid

      I became worried with Russian BBS.
      With steel and coal and more Russian bias, I stopped paying.
      Now I just get frustrated when I play so I don’t

  4. I had a blast in the 2 years i’ve played, does this mean that i’m gonna invest in the future? hell no, i’m done spending cash on a game thats seems to ignore most player concerns

  5. I used to really love WOWS I started playing since open beta but the CV rework certainly reduced my enjoyment of the game and as WG seems to becoming much more greedy and obsessed with loot boxes plus subs I’m fast loosing interest.

    • I also do not understand this. People hate the CV’s beyond maybe a small minority. Because the GZ was popular as a mem ship, now we get a entire line of ships like this. In the past my favorite hobby was hunting CV’s in a DD. Now CV’s hunt ME even when i am in torp range. Radio location is so overpowered for CV’s.

  6. Doctor Wigglespank

    I’ve been playing since the closed beta, and I’ve spent lots of money on the game since then. I feel I got my moneys worth out of the game, though. No idea how many hours I’ve played, but it’s certainly in my top three games as far as hours spent. But, that all came to an end with the crap surrounding the PR event. Not so much the event, but the dev & CEO responses. The writing was on the wall long before that, but that was the straw that broke the camels back. I haven’t spent a dime since then, and haven’t played but a handful of games, either. The fun is gone and I’ve moved on to other games. Still enjoy your content, though.

    • Exactly what I wanted to say. I play the occasional round, but that’s it. I was a supertester for the Tirpitz and the first iteration of RU DDs, and seeing the contrast on how the two were introduced had me quite as a ST. No RU bias my ass.

    • i played for many years and spent about $1500 in total on ships and premium time and PR event was what caused me to stop spending money on this game, i play 6hours weekly for 4 years = around 1300 hours, for BF3 i spend $100 for the base game and premium with DLC and i played close to 2500 hours. world of warships just keeps milking the players for more and more money without ever trying to fix some issues, when BF4 1st came out it had lots of bugs and the devs worked with the CCs to fix it. next month when everyone is busy grinding and stressing about dock yard ill be playing some remaster Command and Conquer.

  7. I wish I’d never heard of Wargaming.

  8. Sub Zero Constrictors

    I have been playing for 2-3 years. I was hoping that Wargaming would do more scenarios because I really don’t enjoy randoms anymore. I got tired of people yelling in chat because someone turned left and they thought they should have turned right. It is childish.

    • SizzleChest McMurphy

      Exactly, man! I’m a big fan of operations because there’s less vitriol and quite a bit more structure. WG removed so many operations before the CV rework. Why is it such a massive chore for them to put them back in the game? They must have been able to adjust them with the CV changes by now. Best thing to do is just turn off the money tap.

    • @SizzleChest McMurphy Because they’ve openly stated that scenarios and PVE content is not their focus at all. I would be happy with what you have as I’m pretty sure the existing PVE content will be phased out over time as it’s not something the majority of the playerbase is engaged with and isn’t worth their time.

    • Disable chat.

    • SizzleChest McMurphy

      @Nick Lyschik Can you send a URL where WG “openly stated” that PvE isn’t a focus? As far as being “happy with what you have”, I’m not. It’s not a very helpful suggestion. I’m arguing that WG needs to get off their asses and start putting out more content/game modes for both PvP and PvE. If they want to retain customers, they’d better move some labour from the premium ship development to the actual development of the game.

  9. spent way to much on this game, feel like its coming to an end, 350 ships in my port, years and time, and time is money. I expect more from wee gee for the thousands of dollars ive pumped into it. They refuse to add new game modes, and maps ???? If it were not for the fact I love warships, and history this game would have been deleted long ago. At this point this wallet warrior is pretty much done supporting this *meta* as its the only way to effect change. DD main here so don’t even get me started on the cv rework. Short answer is What investment? As a veteran player I feel like the person that’s paid for internet with a company that gives the same service to new customers at half the price I am currently paying. Loyalty rewards might be nice, since it might go a long way to keeping me here, and I am not talking just a few camo’s here. There are good aspects, like the community of the game at large, the clan fellowship aspects watching your favorite streamer show how a ship should be played, but you cant really say those dividends are a result of pumping money into the game. I will simply respond to your question with another question, and it is directed to war gaming. Just what have you done with the THOUSANDS of dollars I have invested in your product? Inquiring minds would like to know. *hands the mike to wargaming awaiting a response other than a practiced political rhetoric.*

    • Zortak, they have been adding new maps. Just not as many as I think that the players would prefer. As for new game modes, I think that they’re working on them, but I don’t think that it’s as easy as some might think to come up with good game modes. And they don’t have a good history with some past attempts at new battle modes, i.e. Bastion. Or at least, they don’t have enough patience with them.

      Also, I’d say that there have been loyalty rewards, after a fashion. For example, snowflake like events around Christmas or the WoWS anniversary are effectively loyalty rewards.

      Also, I notice that you call yourself a DD main and imply dissatisfaction with the CV rework on DDs. (FYI, my most played ship type is DDs as well.) And what I get from that sentence is a sense that you’re a whiner rather than one who adapts to changing game play metas. I’ve played DDs in battles with CVs and manage to do just fine.

    • @crucisnh The issue is that new game mods = splitting the community. And Wow is losing players.

    • crucisnh all hail the one who judges someone else his experience.. fine personality trait

    • Joshua Chalmers

      WoWs should do anniversary giveaways like WoT does. That would give us all an exclusive “loyalty” ship for each year our accounts are active.

    • @crucisnh i won’t go there, but will add that if you think that it ends here? as a 5+ year player and active as open beta; wait for the paybook to hit. just like wot, this game is coming to it’s end. dd’s can’t fight cv’s, radar, and no more torps. that is where the dd’s are going now.add the subs in and you’ve removed anything that makes a dd fun to play. power creep is a real thing that is coming, i.e. russian ships that are going to be better than any other country after wg gets done. i’ve watched this for over 10 years between wot and wows. more people are starting to play different games than i’ve seen. that includes running clans in both wot and wows. armored warfare has gotten to look good after everything that wg has done these last 2 years.

  10. Ya know I payed a decent amount a money, and I feel like overtime it has lost value. I bought the Tirpitz when it first came out and it’s just not worth what it was when I bought it. Same with stuff in war thunder. The stuff I bought gets power crept and loses value

    • Alfred Conqueror

      The feeling is way worse in War Thunder

    • @Alfred ConquerorNot really I can still have fun in War Thunder. When I load up a Tier 1 cruiser in WoWS and instanrly get fucking RPFed , fuck that shit

    • I agree. Texas has been nerfed to the wall. It seems every ship initially released that had any advantage that wasn’t russian has been nerfed to high heaven. If WG offered to give all the money back spent on ships i’d instantly take the deal cause i don’t think its right the lure you in & then nerf the living shxt out of the ships at a later date.

    • Alfred Conqueror

      @TheD2JBug well what are you doing playing with tier 1 ships lol, the fun comes with higher tiers

    • @Alfred ConquerorApparently not . The real fun is taking a 10+ point captain and sticking him in a tier 1 ship and sealclubbing. The point being that the captain skills in WoWs give more competitive advantage in WoWs than it does in WT . I have fully maxed out crews in my Russian crew slots in War Thunder but I don’t have a magic RDL tthat shows me the closest enemty or any other magic skill like IFHE like training a person makes your shells penetrate more etc.

  11. I’ve lost my patience with WarGaming, their obstinacy, unwillingness to listen to the playerbase, Russian bias and heavy handed monetisation over the last year and a half has led me to all but drop WoWs from my gaming library.
    I’m still not happy with the CV rework; it was such an opportunity for WarGaming to rebalance CVs and to get it right, but instead of heeding players’ advice during testing they went with the spreadsheet instead.
    I was happy to purchase the odd premium ship every now and again – even spending a hundreds during the Christmas period – but not anymore. This is a game with a lot of potential that’s being squandered by people getting too greedy.

    • You can’t call Russian bias without acknowledging ships like Alaska, Massa, Georgia, Thunderer, etc. that are also super strong.

    • A Google User anonymous

      @Carson They’re strong but not broken like Stalingrad/Petro/Kremlin/Smolensk.

    • @A Google User anonymous Kremlin isn’t broken, just strong. Alaska is basically a t10 in t9. Massa can punch so far above her weight class that she’s a bit broken. Thunderer is ridiculous at range and can 1v1 any ship in the game at range.

      Smolensk, Petro, and Stalin are pretty broken yes, but so are many other ships.

      There is no Russian bias because there are ships of other nations that are mega strong. Heck, DM and Worcester considered broken by a lot of people. Kitakaze is too much for t9, Haku is cancer, etc.

  12. Can’t give a real unbiased answer. Had you asked me 2 years ago I would have said definitely yes. A year ago? Still having fun and worth it. There are some serious cracks now though. Part of why I’m dissatisfied now is that I’m on a loosing streak. I’d like to blame that on the meta and where development has taken the game.
    So I’d like to hedge my answer a bit. As a game to spend money on it is not worth it and generally you’ll be dissatisfied. As a free to play game you can find enjoyment but I wouldn’t count on it.
    There really isn’t one or two big issues I can point at it’s more like a whole bunch of small issues that when you encounter them isolated are no problem but when three or four of the happen at once you’re just screwed.

    Generally if I see 1CV, 4BB, 4CA, 4DD I figure it’ll be interesting. 1CV, 3BB, 5CA, 3DD okay a challenge. 1CV, 3BB, 6CA, 2DD uphill battle it is. 2CV, 4BB, 5CA, 1DD well this game is fucked. There is more to it but I figure it illustrates nicely how one or two issues can pop up and not be a problem but once you start hit three and up things get ugly fast. That isn’t even taking into account tiers differences, power creep etc.

    With WG flat ignoring community concerns with adding tech lines no one asked for, ships that no one wants in the game (except for that part of the player base that represents the worst part of the community), following through with decisions that just the announcement generates huge waves of discontent compared to when people used to be super excited when they announce changes I definitely advise people to stay away from the game.

  13. Christian-Lee Schäder

    I feel a hate-love with World of Warships.

  14. Spending money on a game that is F2P is fine. I enjoy everything i’ve bought. But with the PR event and the recent Russian cruiser grind, the stuff that used to be forgiveable in terms of bugs and what not start to become less and less acceptable. The desync issues and other strange bugs that are still unaddressed in the game has become a testament to what to expect from wargaming. They have become less interested in producing a polished product and more interested in making money off of new imbalanced ships. The CV rework and the submarines, things that really don’t belong in a game meant for surface ship interaction are major issues with me as well. CVs i can forgive, but submarines….no no no and hell no again. I’m waiting on renewing my premium subscription. TBH if subs ever come to Random battles, i will be well and truly finished with the game. Playing since Open Beta, giving money and time only for my money and time investment to be shit on by money grubbing schemes that ruin the overall experience of the game is one thing, going full retard on these beliefs and double downing on your ideas is another. Never go full retard Weegee.

  15. generalducktape

    I haven’t spent any money on this game, I was going to but now after every thing that went on my wallet will remain closed

    • SizzleChest McMurphy

      That’s an excellent attitude.

    • Yeah don’t. Atm its not worth it, You buy a good ship & the stats are liable to change usually for the worst. I have a couple that have been nerfed i don’t even play them anymore cause they just can’t keep up

  16. I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately.

  17. Nope. HE mechanics, shells passing through ships with almost zero or even zero damage…

    • The fire chance, fire damage, and the steady move toward the arcade side has led to boring static game play. the game is now closer to playing world of tanks with artillery than a naval game. The current meta is crap.

    • Imperator KeKetine

      @Argo_10 AGREEEEE!!!!

  18. WG may see the veterans as people who have already spent 90% of the money they are going to spend. These players are swimming in credits, freexp, doubloons and have most of the premium ships and camos already. So you focus on the new people and you add so much content that a new player realizes he needs to spend A LOT in order not to fall behind in captain points, signal flags etc etc etc. If you start playing in 2020 its a very different reality to starting to play in 2015.

    • Desean Robinson


    • Yep. I said it awhile ago. WG doesn’t care about longtime players. They know new players will spend more money. Been playing since 2015. I pretty much have all the ships I want and just rotate through those (when they were still fun). I have a mix of tech and premium ships T5-T10. I don’t have any interest in finding anything else. Zero interest in the research bureau. Haven’t played in a couple months. I just get frustrated by the game now and I’m a better than average player. Almost wish I wasn’t. Then the constant ROFL stomps wouldn’t be so frustrating.

    • Closed beta veteran. 48 mil credits. 5k dubs, 86k free exp, just reset harrugamo line for the 8th time.
      Not swimming, but most good players are.

  19. I used to have fun with buying my ships and everything, but now there’s no point anymore because the game just doesn’t strike the right chords anymore ; Until I see improvement within the game , my wallet will remain closed

  20. “It doesn’t seem like they care too much about their veteran players anymore” Zoup, if you have any doubts about that, I have nothing but certainties. Heck, I don’t think WG cares about new playerd period! I know a guy who’s got a premium account, a new player, fresh off the boat, pardon the pun, and he just picked the game up. He’s played it for about a month; grinded a bunch of lines up to tier ten already – it’s that easy with a premium account, right? – and confessed to me he’s just bored because he feels the game doesn’t really teachs you how to play and is designed to cash in on you. Hell, if the guy realized that a month in, what to expect of us who’ve been around for half a decade?
    I’d say I’m mostly indiferent with regards to Warships; I still play the game, but I barely play these days, and when I do, I stick exclusively to a few ship – the ones I like the most. I’m done with grinding, but I still look forward to a few ships, like Siegfried.

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