Arizona Ever Forward! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Wow never been this early before

  2. I never get good teams. Combat of is live


  4. Hey Everyone!Hows everyone doing?Spartan,from the advice you and others gave me I ended up buying the Graf Spee.Absolutely love it!and I also unlocked the Iowa which is also insane!Never realised how good it was until I played a game in it.Got krakens in both ships in my first games!

  5. Hey Spartan, haven’t really commented on any of your vids in a while. Honestly been taking a bit of a break from the game. Glad you’re still makin great content.

  6. Under_score Productions

    Hey spartan. Love to see you playing the Arizona, that ship got my friend and I to rank 5

  7. Love the Arizona, absolute monster of a ship, my favorite premium I own!

  8. I just finished getting 6 kills with the Gneisenau with 220k damage. My best game ever

  9. Really appreciate these vids they have helped me become a much better player

  10. Wouldn’t mind hearing some of the game chat when your in a division. GG.

  11. “POWW”

  12. David, I think maybe the Mahan was trying to spot for you, and it was the reason you saw those Torps at the beginning. Maybe the player could have done a better job, but I believe the player’s intentions were sound given the Mahan’s limitations imho!!! GG!!!!

  13. Great match, spartan. Hopeing to division up with ya some time

  14. I’m very happy that the Arizona is so strong considering the history behind it

  15. I’ll say Spartan out of all warships in the Tech trees King George is my Favourite.
    Also will you do a “meet the New Mexico” video I don’t think that you have made such video.

  16. Findlay Robertson

    Always entertaining to watch and you’re not the only one pissed off how a battleship can just blink out of existence especially within it’s spotting range. It’s got me killed a few times recently. How can Richelieu vanish 7km away?

  17. 6:30 Wen u get gon u got to just not mess wiv da Spartan BB, u will get gon even more if u go broadside to da Spartan

  18. That’s why ranked is hard to play. It’s so frustrating having morons on your team like that Mahan

  19. Does anyone know when we are going to get Polish ships. We see their flags in the ship organization place.

  20. It always seems to be this way: Destroyers that cower in the back and don’t help scout/screen for enemy DDs or their torps and then, conversely, idiot cruisers that charge forward and start firing in the open to be deleted in one or two salvos.

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