Arizona! Somebody Stop Me! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Azur lane HMS Monarch UwU

    The new Mexico and arizona are my 2nd fav ship out of t5 just love the guns 12! Just hate the reload but queen Elizabeth will always be my fav T5😂 and the Arizona has 14 inch guns

  2. Today I dev striked an iowa from 19 km in less than 2 minutes of game in my jb. I hit 6 citadels in a single salvo. By far my best shot ever.

    • The JB is ridiculous. I hit a tirpitz for a double citadel and 43 the other day

    • I once had a dev strike on an Amagi in my Colorado within the first couple of minutes of the game, dude went broadside from the get-go but he didn’t see me, shot my full broadside into the Amagi’s stern, 4 citadels and the rest penetrated.
      I see way too many Jean Barts in this game, the ship is awesome but i’m starting to hate her now, every game it’s at leat one, i’ve had games where there were 6 JB’s in total, that’s stupid.

    • you mean your luckiest shot considering the range and shell rng

  3. Ironic, I was just in my Arizona but not doing ranked battles

  4. Where’s a video for USS texas

  5. How do you get your dispersion so tight with the Arizona? Mine usually shotguns my shells

  6. I wish my games had nothing but cruisers but I usually get 3 DD’s and one cruiser.

  7. 1 mil = 1 miliradian of angle (comes from the shooting world haha)

  8. Great game! Congrats on 15k too btw. Much love from New Mexico!

  9. My fav ship of the game, thanks for finally doing another video in it!!

  10. Thank you Spartan I live in Arizona so this video meant more to me than most people

  11. Channeling Jim Carry. peas love and Balaclava mugging. Johnno Bloke.

  12. Past 10 is League 1, and that’s the real grind. Currently yo-yoing on Rank 2 and regretting life choices.

  13. Donald Stratton, one of the last survivors of the USS Arizona, passed away on Feb 15 at age 97 in Colorado Springs, CO. There will be a public Memorial Service on Feb 29. RIP.

  14. Ohhh come on, Now you’re getting NO destroyers 😂😂

    • Lol trust me I get plenty of destroyers it just so happens that my best games have few of them hmmmm…. wonder if there’s a pattern there

  15. I feel dirty playing my Arizona with Sims rank 16 legendary 3

  16. I am in That battle, i am DarkDowns

  17. The Arizona is my favorite ship love it

  18. Meet me in rank 4, I’ll stop ya😁. GG

  19. Me and ranked dont mix real well 😆… anyways glad to fee you’re getting good results and look forward to about flying that new angry flag!

  20. and here i am with my new mexico 9/10 times struggling to hit a single citadel >.>
    (its more or less the same to the arizona right?)

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