Ark Royal Review – World of Warships Tier 6 RN Aircraft Carrier

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  1. Lolicon aircraft carrier

  2. Intresting review, the one CV Ive been waiting for, still will get her

  3. Michelangelo Carrera

    With so powerful AA nowaday good luck when you get a tier 8 match.

  4. uhhhh… 13 bombs hit, 4 pens 9 fail to pen… u tell me :v

  5. Nice review Zoup, wish you would do all the CVs like this 🙂

  6. In all honesty. Being slightly better than Furious and Ranger is just being slightly better than completely worthless.

    Nice short head on review though!

  7. Better than Furious? I seriously beg to differ, for what I can tell this CV is at best a DD’s worst nightmare..

  8. Operations and Ranked Sprint will be havens for this CV. In Sprint, the maps are smaller to compensate for the Swordfish speed.

  9. Needs to be moved to tier 4. Understand her history but it was luck she hit Bismarck. May get her anyway but very underwhelming.

  10. Should have given her Torp Swordfish extra percentage to damage steering Module as the”feature”

  11. Someone do a Ark Royal Vs Bismarck in a test room
    Or try to sink it if uptiered

  12. I think Ark Royal is better than you say. 3 torps correctly aim will have 3 hits and it’s hurts while you miss all of then in several drop. The shape of the drop pattern for bomber is “roundish” and can be efficient for ship in any direction (dodging do nothing) and when correctly aim it frequently start 2 fire wich is awesome. So it’s more a 7-8 IMO. Of course planes are slow and you have to actively move your cv and focus lonely target to be efficient.

  13. Ok it’s a British cv, nice ☝️??

  14. I give the rocket planes 1/10. They do zip damage

  15. Wish they would bring the Big E back up for sale 🙁

    • Unlikely… I don’t see how Enterprise was ever supposed to be well balanced: Best dive bombers, very good attack aircraft, best fighters, pretty good torpedo bombers too. Add to that a great regeneration rate. What’s supposed to be the weakness? Concealment?

  16. T6 Carriers would be more fun if they limited them to T5-T7 battles as a start.

  17. Lol they eventually got the Ark so she wasn’t famous for long.

  18. Given the fact that Enterprise has been temporarily taken down, Kaga is probably the best premium CV at this moment.

  19. I think your giving her LB’s a bit more credit than they deserve because they don’t seem to start that many fires – and are worthless against way too many ships that have view zones they can pen – like that Graf Spee you went 4 and 9 of 24 on. Which in fact Zoup – is why that exact same bomb was removed from the game because it was ineffective ON HERMES – the tier 4 carrier. Now, I’ve put up some crazy numbers in her, because I dropped a 13 point UK CV captain in and know how to play them, But I’m generally an above average player. Honestly I’d give the bombers maybe a 5-6 out of 10 and the overall rating as 4-5/10. Ranger is WAY better than this – rockets have better pen, more accurate 1000 lb HE bombs, better HP per plane, faster, about the only thing would be torps I think aren’t as good at 2x a go if I recall (it’s been a while since I played it, got tier 8’s literally every time I did).

    And they couldn’t even be arsed to get the ship historically correct beyond Swordfish TB’s. The 40 lb bombs weren’t used for anti-ship attacks for good reason – those ‘bad’ RP-3’s the Skua incorrectly uses actually have DOUBLE the charge of the 40’s, the USN 5/38 HE actually has a pound or two more depending on shell – but they used magic to increase the damage of those things. The Skua, also never used rockets, it was withdrawn in 1940. And if the idea is “When she hunted Bismarck” and “When Sam was aboard” – well they again screw up in even having the Skua aboard, all her Skua’s were replaced by Fairey Fulmar’s in April – so it should be Fulmar’s in the attack slot. And even then it’d still make more sense for the Swordfish, that did carry rockets, to fill that role while the Skua and Fulmar fill the DB role.

  20. To be honest, I enjoy playing her. T8 games are quite difficult and require a different approach, but everything below is quite fun to play against.

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