Arkansas Beta secondary build :-) World of Warships

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  1. That’s some nice secondaries

  2. Always wondered how good the secondarys where when fully kitted out. May have to give it a go on my one

  3. I don’t have manual sec on mine, i only gave him aft and bft, instead i have concealment and i’m really satisfied

  4. feels like German BB 🙂

  5. We need AA built Arkansas, no one would expect that

  6. with the manual skill u have -30% dispersation and if u look at the dmg from the secs it wont be much and fires are a nice bonus. The Arkansas is a nice ship especially for sealclubbing. I have more than 500 games in it, but it was my first gold/money ship, so im not a sealclubber just a liar. Buut if the CV gets aware that u have no AA at all, not even a flare gun ur pretty done. Not to mention ur slow and agil like a schoolbus. Best thing its not for sale ^^

  7. Thé secondary range ?

  8. NExt What a dick!!!

  9. cool vid. Unfortunately the Orion would slap this thing.

  10. It’s all fun and games until I show up with my Kamikaze, lol.

  11. #NotificationSquad where u at?

  12. Michael Gundisalvus

    It would be nice if it became available again as either a reward, XP purchase or just plain purchase. I like these older ships. I’m just surprised the HMS Dreadnought is not available. That would be so cool.

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