Armada. Aircraft carrier Habakkuk. World of Warships guide

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The development of Project Habakkuk began during World War II, before long-range aircraft and escort carriers with anti-submarine weapons had become available. The new carrier was designed to support landing operations and convoys that were normally out of the reach of ground-based aircraft.


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  1. He is holding himself so hard to not laugh

  2. In Russia, the calendar is advanced by 2 days compared to the rest of the world

  3. The smell of April’s fools so big even the Titanic sank

  4. The 106% chance to set a fire had me wheezing…

  5. Did April Fools come early or did you all actually lose your minds? 😂

  6. If soviets had that idea surely WG would find secret KGB blueprints of a entire tech Tree and 2 tier X premiums

  7. it probably is a joke but i don’t care why not that’s my excuse

  8. i hope it ain’t a april fools joke. cus i want her in pr4

  9. If this isn’t an April fool prank I don’t know what is.

    • This is a legit story. Whether they actually make the aircraft carrier in game is another story but consider that they actually make a functioning ship it is more realistic to include in game than a german aircraft carrier

    • Nice Oversimplified Reference

    • You can buy it for doubloons in game so I think it is play able

      Edit: never mind if you click to buy it says nice try I feel dumb now

    • @Chris White World of warship is far from realistic..

  10. This April fools joke hurts a little. Actually, I mean a lot: this hurt a lot.

  11. The fact they made a 3d render of this.. Thing scares me

  12. Now we need a whole “Meme ship” tech tree line.

  13. Habakkuk, the ship that makes every other ship looks like the titanic.

  14. “The bomb carry with tallboy ”
    Tripitz : not again

  15. The persons’ name was Geoffrey Pyke.

    IG name: Loyal Marine
    Server: EU.

    Joke or not I’m glad this was covered as it was actually a really intriguing project (I previously read up on it) and they did lots of research and tests even making a miniature version as a prototype. Thanks for the video either way:)

  16. It’s all fun and games till WG rolls out the USSR CV line this april that have IL-10 equipped with thermobaric rockets

  17. WG: Haha we got you!
    Also WG: But what if we did…?

  18. i wouldn’t have been surprise if they actually did put this CV in the game

  19. I can see them adding this as an event where a bunch of players fight against a boss

  20. Wargaming is so incompetent they release an April fools joke a day early.

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