Armada: Aquila — Italian aircraft carrier | World of Warships

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The practical guide on mastering the Italian Tier VIII aircraft carrier.

0:00 — History of aircraft carrier Aquila
02:00 — Modeling the Ship in World of Warships. Aquila — Italian Tier VIII aircraft carrier
02:20 — Game tactics for Aquila
03:00— Upgrades for Italian Tier VIII aircraft carrier — Aquila

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  1. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    Omg… They added her.

  2. _reaper_of_the_oceans_.

    Ok but when It Will be launched on wows Legends?

  3. Quer siehstemehr

    The Aquila carries 24 attack aircrafts and 18 torpedo bombers on deck, which is a total of 42 aircrafts.
    Name: Quersiehstemehr
    Server: EU

  4. I do kind of wish they talked about how the Italian navy was pushing for more carriers but the air force basically muscled them out of it via the facist government, in fact the head of the Italian navy got sacked by Mussolini because of his insistance of wanting to make huge carriers, only when the air force failed horribly and the damage was done that the Italians, or more the facist government, took it seriously, but by then it was too little too late. It really makes you think, just what if, the Italian navy had their way and by 1940 they had two aircraft carriers, it could have given the Italian navy a more mobile and active role then they did irl.

    • Regio Ammiraglio

      In future I Hope to see an Italian CV line because we had a lot of project(9 or more) and two Carrier.

    • @Regio Ammiraglio oh I would love that hands down, not going to lie,when I saw those carrier designs in a book I read l, I really thought that Italy missed out. Their designs were pretty unique and I loved how they looked.

    • Regio Ammiraglio

      @B-17G Flying Fortress Italian Aircraft embarked was Better compared to Brits aircraft embarked

  5. This backround music is awsome what is it ? if i may ask.

  6. She has 42 aircraft housed on her deck, pick me! pick me!
    Username: Julian_love_Ahri
    Asia server

  7. GalarkIA Valkanarchy

    The answer is a total of “42 planes”, beautiful CV as well as the rest of the italian ships
    N: Galarkia (NA server)

  8. Hello,
    After what i have learned
    The Aquila had a maximum capacity of 66 planes
    However she normaly used to carry 51 planes.

    Thank you and good continuation
    Name : Mister_flopper
    Server : EU

  9. Aquila had 42 planes on her deck, 24 were attack aircraft and the other 18 were torpedo bombers
    Nickname: True_Minister

  10. Aquila carried 42 aircraft on deck, 24 attack aircraft and 18 torpedo bombers.
    IGN: Faddel01

  11. Aquila has 42 planes on her deck.
    24 attack, and 18 torpedo.
    Nickname: MushyOrange
    Server: North America

  12. Akaki Tartarashvili

    Aircraft Carrier Aquila features a total of 42 planes on deck. 24 attack aircraft and 18 torpedo bombers.
    Server: EU

  13. yeaaahhh.. the community asked for a new carrier….. gj again WG…… better fix the match maker…. do u guys play the game ???

  14. CV Aquila
    Attack: 24 aircraft
    Torpedo: 18 aircraft
    Total : 42 aircraft
    Name: [PBB] Transversal
    Server: NA

  15. 51 non-folding Reggiane Re.2001 OR fighter-bombers: 41 stowed in the hangar deck (including 15 suspended from the deck head) and 10 on the flight deck in a permanent deck park.
    51 Aircraft
    NA Server

  16. The Aquila looks fantastic!
    42 total aircraft on deck.
    Server: NA
    Name: LoneStarVon

  17. DutchTheSpitfire

    Aquila had 42 overall, which consisted of 24 attack aircraft and 18 torpedo bombers

    server: EU
    User: cr71

  18. Answer : 42 airplanes
    IGN : Smoking_aces1
    Server : EI

  19. according to the video, Aquila carries 24 attack planes and 18 torpedo bombers on deck, totaling 42 aircraft overall.
    name: richie_macrophage
    server: NA

  20. Based on the naval encyclopedia and the video, it was designed to carry 42 airplanes.

    In reality only carried 30 planes (12 fighters, 8 bombers and 10 recce planes).

    Server: NA
    Nick: KingDarBoja

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