Armada. Battleship Hyūga. World of Warships guide

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The battleship was laid down on May 6, 1915, in Nagasaki, and commissioned into the Japanese Navy in 1918. She was later equipped with AA armament and three seaplanes for reconnaissance and fire adjustment. From November 1934 till September 1936, the ship went through a major upgrade process. However, despite the upgrades she received, the battleship was considered outdated by the beginning of World War II.


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  1. Siddhartha Kesarkar

    Awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Yılmaz İrden Yazıcı

    Fun Fact: İse and Hyûga were Hated heavily by their Crews for their extremely Dense and small interiors, Some Corridors was barely Enough for a Single man to pass through.

    • Yılmaz İrden Yazıcı

      @WatcherMovie008 Nagato and Mutsu was mostly chilling in porta hoping to meet North Carolinas whilst Yamato and Musashi was under Construction. Kongo’s were ended up being only Japanese capital Ships that actually İn Real Service From 1941 to 1945 whilst Fuso and Yamashiro was neither At Training cruises for the Crew of Yamato and Musashi (as much as i know) whilst Ise and Hyuga was there. Either at Port Waiting with Nagato’s and Yamato’s or at Exercises. Though i should say their performance at the Northern force was Really great at defending the whats left of Kido Butai. Courtesy of Sanshiki Shells.

    • @Yılmaz İrden Yazıcı The irony is that Ise and Hyuuga were meant to be part of the Pacific Fleet for the IJN but the Imperial Government was like, “Who gonna watch our territories in China and Southeast Asia? What if the British send a contingent of Royal Navy vessels to challenge our domain like they did back in Hong Kong with HMS Prince of Wales?” and basically Ise and Hyuuga for the rest of the war patrolled the Southeastern seas, resupplying the garrisons in China and the islands they held there, but never met the Royal Navy ships that the Imperial Government feared so badly.

    • Yılmaz İrden Yazıcı

      @WatcherMovie008 Well at least Force Z did Something other than just Being the First Ships to Sunk Purely by Aviation

    • USSEnterpriseA1701

      @WatcherMovie008 Actually Ise and Hyuga has more cramped conditions than Fuso and Yamashiro. Between weight saving measures, additional armor in certain areas, larger crew requirements, and a more powerful powerplant, they were really crammed full. Fuso and Yamashiro may have had maintenance issues and endless refits, but they still had slightly more living space for the crew.

    • @Router Problem but I prefer to work on yamato😁

  3. Hello captains! How are you today? Have a nice day Captains.

  4. IJN 1944:
    “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome”

  5. Yaaay, thanks! I’ve been waiting for her so much. 🥰😇😍

  6. TM War Thunder 101

    Now we can use the ARP Fog skin of Hyuga

  7. One distinctive fact about Hyūga is that she almost scored a hit on an American Submarine, USS Bashaw.

    • @Dapper Jeff

      “What’s that smell? Oh, it’s my pants.”

    • Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

      @AceYoPro Senpai probably will sink it maybe and if so, will become the 2nd BB to sink a sub (Dreadnought herself rammed one in ww1)

    • @Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean Indeed, this is what i would imagine aswell. Fun fact, RMS Olympic (Titanics sister ship) actually rammed her propeller into a german submarine during WW1 and sank her lol. A blummin civilian ship (though serving the navy at the time to carry soldiers) sinking a proper submarine is pretty funny but also pretty sad for the crew of that poor sub. Rip.

    • Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

      @AceYoPro Senpai yes big sad

    • @AceYoPro Senpai Thats scary to think about. Imagine being in that sub and all of a sudden, your hull gets sliced open by a propeller…

  8. We need more IJN ships in this series

  9. Is anyone else thinking back to the old Looney Toons show and that noise the characters made up that goes like, “Aaaaooooogggggaaaaa!!!”? Like when there looking at a pretty lady or sounding an alarm?

    Because that’s what I hear in my head when I hear Hyuga, lol.


  11. I’ve waited a long time for this ship !

  12. Steven Galloway II

    Can you do a Naval Legends on USS Enterprise and HMS Warspite

  13. Finally a new IJN ship ! IJN Hyuga is elegant and a beutiful warship i enjoyed playing her.

    Also this time is something that actually existed so that is a +1

  14. _Obligatory Age of the Aviation Battleship reference is obligatory._

  15. “She was ultimately sunk by U.S. aviation, not in our virtual sea” very questionable.

  16. fun fact. hyuuga can negate 100% of damage from a venezia full salvo if it lands on the side torpedo bulge

  17. It’s basically a T7 Premium fuso but at least it’s a real ship and not some paparr thing

  18. I have been watching this channel for over 4 years and yet his laptop still gives me anxiety

  19. iHusk McProduct

    If Japan invented a time machine, and sent their fleet back to 1913…

    (Tojo looks at world map)

  20. I just won this ship from a wargaming giveaway and honestly I can’t wait to use this ship

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