Armada. Battleship Marco Polo. World of Warships guide

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The Vittorio Veneto-class battleships were the pinnacle of their ship type in Italy. They were notable for their decent armor protection and for being fast, but the main battery guns they carried were not especially accurate. This shortcoming was to be addressed in the future.


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  1. ”main battery guns they carried were not especially accurate”. Jesus, that’s an understatement. This thing shoots all over the place

    • @AgedSwissCheese : you don’t know that Kremlin gets improved accuracy at 15km an less?

    • @Caspian Korwado Translation from WGspeak to English:
      Lackluster – Virtually non-existent
      Mediocre – Absolutely trashy unless it’s Soviet, then it’s actually mediocre
      Good – Mediocre to above average unless it’s Soviet, then it’s probably in top 3 in class/tier
      Excellent – Fairly good to actually excellent, but still probably worse than particular Soviet ship if she’s also called “excellent” in that regard
      Balance – Kremlin is tough, has high HP, fast recharge DamCon, 18″ guns, icebreaker bow, almost 50% torp belt, above average mobility for BB and best in class accuracy in close quarters, so to balance it all out her AA mounts are made of wet paper and toothpicks. Meanwhile the only thing keeping Yamato from being powercrept to oblivion is her unique overmatch.

    • Why this and.comment above shows it was posted 1 day ago although video was 3 hours ago

    • @INVINCIBLE SAM it’s time travel, Marty!

    • @INVINCIBLE SAM i posted it the evening before the video was shown

  2. 25mm citadel above water KEKWDISCO

  3. I don’t get what’s supposed to be so appealing about this ship, compared to leonato it has bigger guns but less of them as well as slightly better accuracy but no smoke to disengage……. so…… why get this?
    The differences i listed amount to no clear advantage and everything else is pretty much the same……. so again, why get this?

    • cause 406mm SAP capable of overmatching 27mm of armor
      That’s it.

    • I have Marco Polo. She is a good ship. If you angle she is pretty tanky and has good 13.2 detection range. She is also maneuverable and the 406 SAP is pretty good. Worth the coal expenditure.

  4. USS Gray Ghost
    That is completely and utterly false information the reason the main guns on the Italian battleship were so inaccurate was because of the fact of poor shell quality which caused their shells to be varying weights and be very in accurate it had nothing to do with the guns themselves.

    • No, the issue with shell quality is overblown and only ever impacted gunnery once out of 4 times a Littorio class engaged surface targets and none of the times fire excercises were conducted.

  5. When can we see her in blitz

  6. Lol, watched a few youtubers play this, felt really underwhelming

  7. Never trust a man that looks like Putin ….. enough said.

  8. very interesting indeed

  9. Graham Richardson

    Whenever you yell this ship’s name, it has to shout it back at you and you can target it. That’s a serious tactical flaw.

  10. Marco Polo name metioned for 6 times..

  11. “41 stands for 41,000 tons”. Just like the Littorios were supposed to be Treaty battleships of 35,000 tons but ended up displacing 41,000 tons standard.

  12. am I the only one who’s focusing on how uncomfortable his modded MX Master 3 is

  13. When the host talked about recalculating performance from 381mm to 406 i prayed not to calculate also dispersion due to bad quality ammunition who plagued the 381, which, when properly loaded, was a serious headache to every enemy ship.
    When properly loaded… When not the headache was all for its commander.

  14. Ir was 5 times the word Marco Polo was being said and it would be 6 times if the ending question would be added as an additional

  15. Rush to med range…get spotted by a DD on your way there and immediately get turned into scrap metal by the 4-5 dead eye BBs sitting on the backline or burned to a cinder by a much faster cruiser that has no reason to fear the guns on the Marco because it couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn if it was standing on it
    I think I will pass on this one

  16. In other words:
    Give us your money, then you get this mediocre ship in a trash matchmaking

  17. WG: “We need to apply some serious science when it comes to the main gun.”

    Reality (between the developers): “Dude, just randomize some number and then increase it a little to make it look OP, these dumb players will rush to buy it.”

  18. You gave Italian BBs terrible accuracy because of SAP, while you gave Thunder very accurate guns and its HE do nearly 10k. That how you balance?

  19. Skip!

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