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You can get Bayard here!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    You can get Bayard here!

    • World of Warships Official Channel you present a french ship you could set the french subtitle…

    • Curious Entertainment

      Paper blueprints for ships are one thing but making up a ship that should be for a different game even world of tanks doesn’t make up tanks but tanks had many blueprints made but so do ships

    • I’m sorry WG, but please never ever again pose as shipbuilding engineers!
      I’m very happy with your design of historical ships, even with fictional refits; plueprint ships are ok as well, especially those, which were under construction, but were sadly never finished. But this is HYBRIS! Don’t just make up ships without any real history behind them.
      Else we could all sail our Borg cubes with weaponry in all directions, and that’s not, what i am here for.
      Many thanks for creating a great game over all, but here is the line, no step further please.

  2. “alternative history” ships….in other words: completely made-up

    • There are a lot of made-up ships in WoWs. Bayard is only the latest in a long series.

    • Yeah I doing like that at all. Paper ships are one thing but fairytale ships not a fan of.

    • Yeah, WOT went down this road, too … I was ok with “designed” or “prototyped” tanks and ships … or at least ships that existed on the back on someone’s napkin at some point … not sure how I feel about this. That said, it’s a game.

    • It’s mostly why I don’t really care that it didn’t exist. At least for the most part Wargaming create an “identity” for the various nations based on historical designs, and more or less stick to it.

  3. Didn’t know Fort Boyard was known in other countries 🙂
    Night_Hawk_0 (EU)

  4. looks ok but once it gets matched up with tier 10 every game you will wish you saved your money.

  5. Remember, T8 gets matched most the time against T10, so maybe you should consider that before EVER buying a T8 again 🙂

    • Bplease And some people dont like the fact of having tier x premium in the game your point?

    • @KD is not 6’9 The point is if you choose a tier 10 premium you can expect to play with tier 10 ships.

      It wasn`t that hard to work out .

  6. So… we have moved from never completed ships to paper ships to… completely WG imagined ships!!! Good Job WG!!!

    • they did the same thing in world of tanks…no surprise its happening here too.

    • Oh dear, that direction is so bad, i hope they abandon the hybris to make their own “historical” ships without any background.
      Else soon we get BBs with 20km torps, 460mm guns, 50kn fast, with 2sec ruder and 500m turning circle. Not to forget 8.5km concealment stock…but just 16mm of armor xP

    • @Shannon Riley Well, what are they to do to provide more tanks if they pretty much add every tank that were built within the time period.

  7. America making multi turret ships:
    One ship with 7 of the same turret. Atlanta. Yeeeeehaw air killah
    Japanese making multi turret ships:
    Hmmm….. KONGO DESU
    German making multi turret ships:
    Do we have the steel for it?
    No mah fuhrer….
    Ok then we won’t do it.
    French making multi turret ships:
    What’s crew quarters? We work on baguettes.
    British making multi turret ships:

  8. Hello! How do I activate the bonus code?

  9. everyone complaning about wg making a “alternative history” ship
    honnestly i don’t hecking mind lol, honnestly the whole prototype, blueprint, very early drawing, are way more interesting that insanely popular tanks/ships, truth being very popular tanks/ships are boring, we all know what they are, and what they do.
    i’m way more interrested into the forgotten drawing and design that got lost in archives bureau.

    • THICC_RAT the thing that makes this different is that it’s not a very early drawing or prototype like other ships in this game. It has no basis in reality and never existed in any way, shape, or form. It was fabricated completely by wargaming.

  10. Please allow us to fully customise our ships with paints custom logos, flags and so on as the console versions are somewhat bland at the moment.

  11. christian Goeller

    il deviennent de plus en plus débile ou quoi il confonde Fort Boyard et le chevalier Bayard,….déguise toi en père Fourras tu sera peut être plus crédible !

  12. christian Goeller

    Fort Boyard is a french TV show with a fortress, and Bayard is a well known french knight serving François 1er WTF !

  13. Nice vid WG! Looks like an interesting ship. I’ll be sticking with my De Grasse for now, thanks.

  14. So you’re telling me you’ll eventually try to make up the A-150 class super yamatos then.

  15. T7 should be better fit for this ship ….T8 get match up to T10 which is bad …

  16. It might be not real but it does at least have a nice design. Vive la France, Vive la république !

  17. Next, the Poutana! An “alternate history” ship of the Montana armed with 20 18 inch guns mounted in 5 quadruple turrets!
    Brought to you by the WG engineering team.

  18. Timothy Gabriel Morales

    Can you add modern 21st century ships in the game

  19. this will be a buy from me i can use it in cherry blossom for good silver and free exp.

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