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A Commander’s guide to using the American IX destroyer.

Benham has sixteen torpedoes and she’s not afraid to use them.
At less than 2,000 tons, U.S.S. Benham embodies the pre-war American concept of a small Treaty destroyer, loosely based on the overall concept of the Mahan-class, but with one big difference: Benham carries the deadliest torpedo arsenal ever placed on a U.S. destroyer.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    You can get Benham from Armory for 800 Fuel tokens. Participate in the Rogue Wave event to earn more tokens:)

  2. Anymore Naval Legends coming out soon?

  3. All tier IX premiums have 100% xp camo, in the video say this will have 50%. Is a mistake in the video?

  4. Sooo….Kitakami….when?

    No excuses after this.

    • @Glupi Medo Everyone would want Kiakami back. I agree she would be gold to have back. Imagine seeing one and she went up against Kremlin that OP BB and who wins due to her manover ability? Kitakami. What if we teamed Benham and Kitakami together? We would have a deadly combo that BBs would run scared,CAs and CLs would have to have hydro on upon seding 15 torps sailing towards them,DDs would be dodging torps but 3 might still hit them and CVs well best we give Kit and Ben some AA support

    • @Arizona39 Mass59 Kremlin would destroy the Kitakami. Kitakami has the same armour scheme as the tier IV cruiser Kuma, which already is weakly armored for her tier, and has a MASSIVE citadel that reaches far above the water. Against 457mm guns the Kitakami might as well be made of tissue

    • UNNERF the Shimakaze first. Terrible guns terrible AA terrible Smoke duration and Torpedos seen from so far even Yamatos can dodge.

    • Arizona39 Mass59

      @Ray Sheng Yeah your right. I keep forgetting about Kitakami’s class being a modified Kuma Class CL. No wonder Japan built Agano. Darn Kumas were weak during WW2 and I even hated fighting the one in Battlestations Midway as a DD. While Kit is a nice ship Kremlin is just gonna keep dominating over and over but maybe 4 or 2 Kitakamis can win maybe just as long Kremlin is alone and isn’t using AP rounds no scrap that he’s gonna use AP but would repair party work for Kitakami? It could save her a long run

  5. EternalGaming786

    Meow I can’t wait to get my hands on dis puppy! ):3

  6. If the health pool is small enough it could even be balanced 😀

  7. WoWS Ship trade-in?
    I am hoping that ships get valued at bare minimum 65% value.

  8. I would rather have the Kitakami back

    • FIX THE SHIMAKAZE FIRST. What is it like a 2 minute 10 to reload her15 torpedos? This guy says 16 in 85 seconds. Thats a helluva lot of torpedo soup.

  9. I don’t always agree with the decisions made regarding the game, but I always 100% respect WG for respecting the “source material” and producing so many videos about naval history.

    • Nick Poeschek I enjoy this game for the historical content. One hopes wargaming knocks it off with the sci fi nonsense.

    • @Toaster Crisp you know you can just disable the camos? WG has already given what you are asking for. fuck off

  10. I appreciate you guys for releasing new ships for us, but how about giving some love to the tech tree instead of making them premium ships?

  11. Benham: these torpedoes are ace, I cant lose
    *wild eurobeats detected*
    Benham: :'(

  12. Can we get some mid and low tier ships? Kinda getting boring with tier 8 and up and how about some more senarios to play with higer or lower tier ships rather than just tier 6 and 7?

  13. Destroyers should have health regeneration so they could last longer

  14. Mahan at T9 with 16 torps DD for USN , can we have Kitakami for IJN available again please??

  15. Can we get more ships for lower tiers? Its being neglected a lot.

  16. Are you a gunboat or torpboat?
    Benham: Yes

  17. Wait benham can attack submarine
    If can add submarine or test benham anti submarine

  18. “a destroyer is a truly multi purpose ship,”
    they can escort convoy,
    *hunt submarines*
    well not very useful in this game.

  19. Panzerschliffe Hohenzollern

    It would be great if there is Pre-Dreadnought battle event. Like Tsushima or Jutland battle.

  20. another update, another backbreaking grind. these missions give pitiful amount of credits and that’s the only thing you need…

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