Armada: Black Ships | World of Warships

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The new episode of Armada puts four ships of the Black Division under the spotlight, all of which are ready to set sail at your command in World of Warships.

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?

  2. I opened 2 containers and got literary nothing. They bugged
    Checked the reward tab and nothing.

  3. Last year I got three ships from five containers. This year 8 of my 10 containers were camo.

  4. I has collected all the container…all of them I got is camo 🙁

  5. Melonic Randomizer

    Almost all my containers were camos #Disappointment

  6. 25 Crates, not 1 Black Ship. Me so sad.

  7. Only camo i receve in in 8 containers 🙁

  8. 9 containers, all camo and FXP

  9. 10 containers = 0 black ships, wargaming…..,no

  10. 12 crate, camos

  11. 10 conteiners 12 camo free exp….

  12. Black friday: tries to make things as cheap as possible
    WG : lets sell crates and advertise them with ships, but you only get camo

  13. Everest Destination

    Black containers are useless, I pay 6 and I get nothing that I can’t having normal containers…. Bull shi*** ???????

  14. The accompanying article with commander skill and upgrade recommendations was horrendous. They really lead players astray on Alaska and Sims. They need to start asking people who know what they are doing for builds.

  15. All the crates I got were just camos, not surprising but still disappointing

  16. I got the Sims B and i also got a personal task rewarding dubloons but when playing with the Sims B it doesnt count because i would need the “real” Sims

  17. Ive bought 20 containers, and got no ships… feels like ive been jebaited.

  18. The most popular ships in the game: …. Graf Zeppelin… Stop it Wargayming, one can die laughing :V

  19. I dont like that I bought the alaska b for the gold mission and I need the real Alaska to do the mission when I dont have the normal Alaska I feel kinda ripped off…

  20. WG: We’re not selling enough ships.
    Intern: Let’s sell the same ship twice by offering it with a perma camo
    WG: Yes comrade, promotion awaits you.

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