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Destroyer Błyskawica was one of the most powerful and fastest ships of her type built in the 1930s.
She took part in the battle for Norway and the landings in Normandy, defended British cities from the raids of German bombers, and hunted for submarines. After World War II, the ship remained in service in the Navy of the Polish People’s Republic until 1976, becoming a museum ship afterwards. Błyskawica is the world’s oldest surviving destroyer. Now you have a chance to take command of her in World of Warships!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    You can get European destroyer Błyskawica here:

  2. I love it! 😀

  3. сука блять

    There is literally no reason to play the blyska anymore, its been powercrept to hell like khabarovsk

  4. The Animation are Stunning

  5. The blyskawica is a dest…

  6. its a shame, she was top tier premium at the time. now shes a joke destroyer that is easily outclassed by tree ships.

    • @Hanimichal
      7 guns, 40+ knots = tier 6 ? What ?
      The Blys is a typical tier 7 DD, if you think it is bad, go look up the Yudachi.

    • @I_NAMELESS_I do you ever played she?

    • @Hanimichal
      Why does that matter ?
      The ship is fine, people just don’t know how to play it and always asking for buffs let alone asking it to be at tier 6, it’s sickening.
      Not to mention usually they don’t buff premium ships but they still buff its reload, people should be grateful for this instead of being greedy asking for more buffs !

    • @I_NAMELESS_I it is important to test the ship very well before talking about it because sometime the theory is something very different of the real stuff. Look to other comment about the ship most people are complaining! And is realy very rare for anyone to play this ship, it is usually just bought people who play, not much veteran plays
      The super slow rotation of guns make it impossible to use dodging, the slow + short range + weak torps are ridiculous, + the super bad concealment and super bad AA make this ship ridiculous
      She have only big guns and fast reload of stupid torps nothing else

    • @Hanimichal i dont have it because this is not a free ship, not everyone can play it.
      I suggest you to try ships like the Shiratsuyu and you will realize how better the Blys really is.
      And as i said this ship is still better than stuff like Yudachi, 30 second turret rotation speed, 9 second gun reload, only two 40mm AA guns, 34 – 35 knots, torp reload 100 sec etc…
      Btw you can also buff the blys reload or turret rotation even more with the captain skills, although its reload and turret rotation are already decent enough, better than many other DDs.

  7. bought it because stealth fire back in the days

    now sit in port because its crap, dont waste your money

  8. Blys is one of the very first Premiums I got way back forever ago and I played it so much I think my first 19pt skipper was in it….But now he sits in my Friesland and my Blys stays in port. Time has not been kind to this ship and even with the reload buff I don’t feel it’s worth still calling it a dd. The detection needed a buff not the reload times. Just my two cents.

  9. This clip is amazing.. Loot of bull***t . This ship is umplayable. I bought blyska years ago and ill stop playin more than 2 yr because that crap lose everything.

  10. Use AFT instead of IFHE. 26mm of pen is nice but her thing is DOT

  11. This is video the most attention the Blyskawica has received from WG in years…and it shows in game

  12. Thank you for amazing time at PGA today, and thanks for the shirt

  13. It desperately needs a concealment buff, the reload buff is not nearly enough.

  14. Sadly, I own this ship and I’d not recommend her. She’s been affected incredibly badly by power creep. One of the weakest T7 DDs in the game right now.

  15. Give me back Poland as land so I can see that flag behind my glorious blyscawica.
    I hate the pan Europa thing

  16. Etienne Racine-Hebert

    At 1:21, is that a Tennessee or Colorada class-battleship?

  17. Give me back my kitakami and I want instant torpedo reload equipped.

  18. she used to be one of the best destroyer when there was stealth fire, even overpowered, but now, meh …

  19. Put the comments in the spreadsheet wg… maybe then you will notice that the ship needs more love

  20. we got u. we commin- let’s change everything. spreading word. merica players

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