Armada: Champagne

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Champagne embodies the development the Gascogne French battleship project. The triple turrets with 406 mm guns which comprise her main battery were developed especially for the ship in France in the latter half of the 1930s. She’s a fast battleship with powerful artillery, but relatively weak armor.

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  1. stayros stamelos

    Good to see WG is showing the importance of social distancing in these dark times.

  2. This boat is NOT drinkable

  3. “German tanks prevented that from happening”


  4. So basically a backyard spammer.

  5. although i dont play wows much anymore because my computer is absolute shit and also I have other games I would like to play I still enjoy watching YouTubers play wows and videos from wows official channel

  6. Is WG selling wine now?

    • Champagne does not refer to the wine but to the region of France that happens to produce the famous wine. Other regions in the game are Bretagne, Alsace, Bourgogne.

  7. This ship is known for firing its main guns at the enemy from its dockyard.

  8. great another ship for spammers to destroy in 2 minutes

  9. do one about indomitable

    for the people that bought her ofc

  10. Nice! Can we get more composer album music on steam pls?

  11. You are encouraging very long range engagements with this… Not the thing the game needs IMO. But the boat looks good 🙂

    • *Laughs in Slava*

    • Congrats You found my Channel

      I mean, Look at the Gimmick of the Soviet Battleship Line split.

      The Borodino at Tier VIII
      The Karya Svobody at Tier IX
      And the Slava at a Tier X.

      They might all have the Supersonic speed shells.

      The Borodino looks like the Massachusetts drank to much Vodka.

      The Zarya Svobody looks the the Fredrick Der Großer, but the Soviets invaded took over

      And the Slava looks exactly like the Kremlin.

  12. A very fragile ship, just like a champagne bottle!

  13. “She’s the first representative of seperate in-game BB’s.”

    “She’s a farcry from other ships, in terms of having accurate main guns and manouverability, but thinner armor.”

    Amagi:**Koff Koff** *IJN Amagi sad noises*
    Siegfried: *Angry German noises*

    • Sudeshna Das Sharma

      Slava: hold my beer

    • Siegfried isnt classified as a BB and is Amagi really that accurate? After hearing him say the stuff I thought “Wait a seperate BB type? Are there more of them comming?”

    • @Mr Dunk Siegfried was a planned “O-Class” Battlecruiser, while Amagi is a real Battlecruiser that was scrapped in the 1920’s because of severe damage to the hull due to the Great Kanto Earthquake. And they would probably categorize Battlecruiser’s to be either BB or BC in-game, just like what they did to Amagi and Hood and also some others.

    • Sudeshna Das Sharma slava’s guns are French

  14. I would have thought that they would have done one of the Alsace designs with 9x406mm or 9x420mm guns

  15. It’s called Champagne for a reason; It’s ammo are champagne bottles and, when destroyed in battle, it will leak champagne into the ocean.

  16. i’d like buy the soundtrack wg use in this kind of videos…

  17. “small hp” remember the Odin had a modest hp pool.

  18. Bend over when you see an HE spamer … thats the rule of high Tire BBs

  19. Me: ok. Let’s cham-

    My Bank: *NO*

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