Armada: Charles Martel | World of Warships

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Monsieur! Pardonne moi, I made a mistake! While I was making a video about myself, changed his place with Baltimore! But all the rest is correct! I’m very sorry.

What surprises can French tier VIII bring? Find out about Charles- pros and cons!

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  1. How one can Name a Ship after such a intolerant evil Nazi ? He just attacked the peacefull friendly Muslim Invasion Army and kicked them out of Europe !! They only wanted to culturaly enrich us and that evil Rassist acts out his Hatecrimes on them !!
    (Sorry im German my Brain is too politicaly correct to function normaly)

    • Ahahahahahaha this is the best comment so far. Love it.

    • Weedus dude you really shouldn’t bother with history here or IG. There is only room for « surrender » and « baguette » subjokes. This is one of the numerous way WG will never be able to have respect for customers since they can’t help showing ignorance every chance they have.

    • > crying about Muslims in a computer game video comment section.


    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      I’m not blaming him, and I am fully aware of the rough situation he was in. I just stated WG named ships after some historical figures whom are not that perfect by today’s standards. On the other hand, at least WG does not name a ship after Napoleon Bonaparte yet. Napoleon is not well-received by the Germans due to his despotic rule in the colony which is Germany today.

    • Tyranatum The Bloxius

      Did you mean Jews?

  2. 2:37 Well, WG… I’m impressed with your humor XD

  3. But New Orleans isn’t T8 anymore…

    • Colonel 100 T-22 and Gaede has Nice AP against Peniscola broadside

    • Macin toshiba that’s why you don’t show your broadside when you are being targeted. Cruisers play a support role.
      Besides those 203mm AP shells do serious damage against other tier 6 cruisers

    • Outwardpanicjoe

      Colonel 100 they even did well when it was at tier 7

    • Colonel 100 „other“ ? This is a T8. It will rarely meet T6 cruisers.

    • JD Kempton but the Pensacola can fire while being very angled to other ships so if you fight a cruiser it doesn’t have a problem. And if manoeuvres well so you can dodge stuff

  4. I loved this thing so much

  5. pronounces Algerie decently, totally butchers Eugen 😀

  6. World of Warships Official Channel

    This French sure has a lot of surprises!
    What about you? Do you take Charles Martel to battle?
    What do you think about this episode?

    • ArmchairWarrior

      good enough wargaming, keep up the public relations work. I love watching your real time specials with historians the most, they rival or exceed my expectations for anything on tv, so thank you for your efforts.

    • The montana is missing deck armor. Can you guys please fix that? Please.

    • just got it bought recently, but not many battles fought yet

    • Maverick Pincay

      thanks to the achievement of rank 20 to rank 10.
      An excellent cruise to ranked without the need to be a camper, is played dancing with the enemy

    • This is how armada should be. That Z-39 Armada felt like an ad.

  7. erik theflyingdutchman

    (sails past sinking tier 3 cruiser) im so cool

  8. Named after a military leader and Frankish statesman

  9. 3:56 pretty much sums up French cruisers.

  10. Charles Martel: “It’s a pity I was never constructed due to the turmoils of France during the war”

    Dunkerque: “Yeah, a true pity you never got to experience the glory of life”

    Jean Bart: “Such a sad thing indeed”

    Richelieu: “Hi, guys! I’m back from New York! What did I miss? :D”

  11. The Charles is just great, i love this ship 😀

  12. 40 knots, nice (for retreat)

  13. Apparently the Charles Martel is a narcissist.

  14. “I`m Martel, Charles Martel” James Bond anyone? xD

  15. 2018 still no montana armada….

    • Montana is missing a lot of deck armor

    • WG already buff her deck to 38 mm more than that, she will outperforming german BB and Yamato lol

    • That’s exactly what montana is supposed to do, out preform every battleship. Wargaming needs to make montana what it should be: the best armored ship in the game

      Realisticly, yamato would not stand much of a chance against the montana.

  16. New Orleans? and why is the mogami the 155 mm version if you are talking about the 203 version 😛

  17. 3:57 disagree with 1:46 ://

  18. Very very good cruiser!!

  19. If you want to indulge in the cringiness of a french ship talking about itself, at least make it pronounce it’s own name and other french ones correct.

  20. Outwardpanicjoe

    Me looks at Baltimore at tier 8 with 10 second reload …

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