Armada. Cruiser Austin. World of Warships guide

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The CL-154 light cruiser project was prepared in November 1944. The ship was designed to carry the latest 127 mm dual-purpose mounts as her main armament, with her main function being to provide air defense. These guns were initially designed specifically for the Montana-class battleships, but they were never completed.


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  1. Rule 1: Never listen to Armada

  2. Something broken that isn’t Russian… Weird…
    You certainly don’t see that very often. Don’t you.

  3. Instantly melts a ship every 1:30..

  4. Player: Thunderer is the meta
    Wg removed Thunderer but here is US bias Austin
    Player: What the hell is that reload, it is like using light cruiser gun with the same reload as Bofor.

  5. literally everyone in O7: this ship isn’t overpowered, as it has clear weaknesses and bad DPM for most of the game
    Some CC with galaxy brain: mmm don’t like that assessment

    • Who is that CC with the brain of a galaxy I wonder)))? Does its name start with F, does it end with U or ASS? HMM.

    • @cheeky breeky Flamu is overexaggerating in that regard. And says who? He is one player, when literally the winning clan is saying the ship is balanced. So Flamu is wrong

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA Flamu overexaggerates everything, same with MrGibbins (though more on deadeye for him); their content is good, but their ways of conveying their opinions aren’t.

    • @ZER0TW0 they do it for views. They are not worth it

  6. Austin was primarily designed to protect aircraft carrier and, transport from kamikaze attacks with its powerful AA turrets

  7. Cruisers were the ship types Austin was supposed to protect by reinforcing It’s AA capability.

  8. Use it to pull/move “Evergiven” Cargo ship that blocked the Suez Canal.

  9. Now we know why WG thinks the Austin is balans. They use range mod on slot 6.

  10. idk about anything else, the ending music is pretty damn badass

  11. Cruisers were the primary ship types to fend off against Kamikaze attacks with their powerful AA fire support.

  12. Don’t worry guys this isn’t overpowered… thats because every ship on the map will target it once they learn of its existence

  13. Austin was AA cruiser and the reload booster makes Austin an assault rifle

  14. Yeah you just said the answer already it was designed to protect Aircraft Carriers

  15. Video: Austin was meant to shoot down Kamikazes
    Also video: haha usn planes go splash

  16. Are you serious, actually making a guide for the Austin? this ship is a fucking steel ship, of course 2 out of 10 players who might get the austin could be plebs who don’t know how to play the game and simply stacked steel, but the rest of the players who got the Austin should be around 58% to 70% WR, this guide is unneeded.

  17. For those who called it OP:
    – Worst health of all Tier 10 ships. (lower than Smolensk)
    – 12 guns with 8 SECONDS base reload (No upgrades, skills.)
    – Sure MBRB is unlimited, but you can only use it every two minutes or so. While it’s on cooldown, you can easily get out-traded by other ships.
    – Prone to HE: Enjoy getting blasted every 4-6k from HE salvoes, especially from British battleships. (Conqueror and Thunderer can easily penetrate the citadels even with HE.)
    – Horrible ballistics.
    – Without MBRB, your DPM is worse than stock Gearing.

  18. Anthony Amable Feliciano

    in essence, what we have here, is an Atlanta class on Steroids

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