Armada. Fen Yang destroyer. World of Warships guide.

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Learn how wows on one of the best premium japanese destoyer VIII Fen Yang from our of Warships Armada. And after that, join our YouTube navy –

A destroyer with the poetic name “Twilight Moon” was the penultimate representative of her class commissioned by the navy. After had been defeated, she helped transport repatriates. In 1947, she was transferred China, where she was renamed Fen Yang, and later taken to Taiwan by Chiang Kai-shek’s supporters.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What was the «star» of the episode? And how it relates to Fen Yang?

    Read the news on your favourite server:

  2. It’s just a much worse akizuki with useless DFAA. WG how about making AA effective first?

    • @Tobias Time It literally cannot fight tier 9 and 10 dds how is that good in anyway lmfao get sober my dude

    • @Tim Liao take IFHE. I have tried the ship, and barely set fires without IFHE, so yo won’t miss the deduction in fire chance and you get okish pin. And AP is decent.

    • @David Sun it fights the DDs and Light cruisers with the AP, but then again scratch the Light cruiser part, becoz it only works against broadside light cruisers and hn it’s in smoke. Its like a slightly worse Z 52 which you pay for and has slightly more utility. Overall decent ship but not amazing and probably not worth it, since German DDs exist and Akizuki exists.

    • She’s an Akizuki that trades HE for AP, seems more balanced than the original version if you ask me

    • Right? California and Texas are still waiting for their gimmick to actually be useful.

  3. where skill commander for Fen Yang like before ? no ? yeah because skill commander after update not make sense…

  4. Commander skills doesn’t make a lot of sense, WG should get the old one back

    Unless it would have something to do with submarines

  5. Bye wows, although I’d had some good times in you, but I think it’s time to bid farewell.

  6. According to the wows-number stats, the reload time is almost double for the main guns compared to Aki, so I’d pass on this one. The best feature on the Aki just got nerfed to oblivion. Less HP pool, worse torpedos, worse concealment, 2/3rds of DPM… Do a copypaste instead.

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      Just think about it as Japan had a long ship building and naval training 40-50 years of experience in WW2 while Chinese navy not even existed in that time period.
      Then China get a foreign designed ship, and use it with an unexperienced crew, as they just start to create their own navy.

    • And if this wasn’t a video game, those points about the comparative inexperience of the ROCN might mean something.

  7. Riccardo Locatelli

    Seems that the commander skill rework was so confusing that even you now cant suggest what apply to them.

  8. An Akizuki without what that makes the Akizuki unique, the guns and HE pen.

  9. Imagin selling a heavily nerfed akizuki who can’t even fighter upper tier DDs for 40 dollars, oh the audacity.
    Wargaming, please, you know you don’t have to put this on sale if you don’t want people to buy it right?
    Please re-educate yourself on the ways of business, I suggest from the pre-school level.

  10. Is this some sort of sick test on how bad ships ppl will buy? First the Z-44 now this?

  11. Ricardo KolenboerNL

    Capture a point with support of your team..

    He never played Wows before..

  12. I could not find the star

  13. “Her fast reloading guns”haha rly funny

  14. This ship in a nutshell: akizuki guns + asashio torps in an akizuki

  15. Papaver Somniferum

    The only good thing about this poor Akizuki clone is her name.

  16. German League of Legends

    99% of the Comments, you killed the game by destroying the commander skills xD (but thats true)

  17. And why should I play this instead of akizuki?

    Wait did you say “good AA?” LMFAOO 👌😂👌

  18. Just a worse Akisuki. 47% Winrate Whales will still buy, all they care about.

  19. Interesting how they didnt give a commander skill layout though

  20. I’m beyond toxic now thx for that experience, Commander signing off

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