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Gallant is one of the U.K. G-class destroyers. The ship participated in the Dunkirk evacuation when she rescued Allied troops from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk. In total, she evacuated around 1,500 soldiers. On 29 May 1940, she was damaged during a raid from German dive bombers, but still made it back to England under her own power.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    Do you have Gallant in your collection?:)

    • She’s a good tier VI premium

    • Nick Wilde Official

      I highly doubt. I just got the Italian cruiser from a chest Saturday. And that was dumb luck

    • One of the best t6 dd.
      Nothing linked with that but, can we get new maps in game please ?
      I am a bit bored to play again and again on same maps I recon within a second soon as the game begins.

      U made plenty new ships in 2019, some great, some not, but so few new maps…
      and that would be awesome if the department responsible of maps could get some reinforcements from ships devs.
      Making new maps must take some times, but when I see how ton loads of new ships never stop, I am surprised we get only 2 new maps in last 12 months (I guess it’s 2, 3 maybe if I forget one).
      A bit less of fantasy camos and fantasy maps as well could help (yet some of new game modes was pretty fun in last year, but still, I would really prefer the main game to provide more variety)

      Just saying… (always playing on same maps reduces considerably the tactical interest the game can procure, the more we play them and know them, the easier it is to id good positions and paths to follow to maximise chances of success… that’s not very realistic tbh, I am sure u agree with that)

    • 1:02 *when do you introduce PHYSICS!?* …….. FULL SPEED = tight circle…. LOW SPEED = the exact same circle.
      Those ain’t ships, those are *floating RC CARS* … because thats how they drive. WORLD OF TANKS… has better ship physics!

      Yes, that’s how it works. Why dont you show me IN REAL LIFE how you car does a 10meter loop, while going 120mph … i can wait. cmon upload a video.

  2. Diego Rosende Barrosd

    Will Italian ships be for Normal players soon or premium ships?

  3. Not a fan of the timer in the top right

  4. Gallantly torpedo-boating

  5. May I ask?

    *will the Japanese Submarines be unique? , if ever you devs planned to implement them , like midget submarines as like a torpedo planes but only in a submarine form , and seaplane bombers with one bomb per plane , IE if you gotta bomb someone with a I-400 one plane only since three can only be launched by the I 400*

  6. Gallant is the most bland, boring, and vanilla ship ever….

  7. usharani vadlamani

    Don’t like her

  8. With a full concealment build this thing is a total torpedo ninja. You can get so close without being detected, and at a tier where radar basically doesnt exist. Fun premium, and one i was lucky enough to get for free.

  9. I just got her a few days ago…..

  10. I would love to see the ex-Greek ZG3 Hermes in game – basically a Gallant with German 127mm guns! Or maybe just as the original Greek ship for the European faction

    • I would not get a loot of hope about european line , I am 100% sure WG will mess that up, I would rather see every nation have own line , like my , Poland have used enough destroyers to create own line , if included destroyers that we had after ww2 , we could have 3 ship soviet style , gun boat branch , I would , would you rather have whole Greek line ?

    • @Adam Marcinkowski as a greek I would like a greek line, but I think its possible only for destroyers, as we had only hand full of cruisers and battleships and few submarine types. but I would like to see greek ships like the G. Averoff and battleship Salamis. also the rule of WG that ships had only one caliber of main guns and the others are secondaries, that would nerf the cruiser Averoff, with 2×2 turrets x9.2 inch guns as primary guns and 4×2 turrets x7.5 inch as secondaries, that would not be competitive. but our destroyers were interesting as some were unique types and others variants of nations like Britain and Germany with diferent armaments like king George and queen olga, Britain G class destroyers with german guns! or the Hydra class destroyers, Italian Dardo class but with 4×1 120mm main guns instead of 2×2 120mm. I would be happy if some of them were in the European branch available.

    • @petros311 Pan asian have only DD line ! Poland could have dd line now ! , most ships that Poland used in ww2 exist in game !
      ORP Garland- Gallant loan from UK
      ORP Orkan – Lightning loan from UK
      ORP Piorun – Jervis loan from UK
      ORP Grom – Blyskawica
      ORP Orkan 1939 – improved Blyskawica builded when war started
      ORP Huragan 1939 – improved Blyskawica builded when war started
      ORP Ouragan – Bourrasque loan from France
      ORP Wicher – Bourrasque Polish
      ORP Burza – Bourrasque Polish
      and there was , few other Polish dds that are not in game , then was destroyers used after ww2 , they add Freisland build in 1956 , why not add Polish destroyers that we bought from soviets and there are also 2 of 3 cruisers used by Poland are in game .
      ORP Dragon – Danae – fought in d day-
      ORP Conrad – Danae
      So yes WG just whan , because they have models, I hope they start to introduce more ships , and I wish you good luck with getting , all Greek ships 🙂

  11. Nice ship!
    But also please we want new free EXP ships !

  12. Gianluca Gallivanone

    STILL waiting for a serious Armada like Mogador, PEF, Vanguard and not this 90 seconds thing

  13. Labeeb Poi Ferdous

    Ah, A good ship to sell to buy Ryujo

  14. Had some great games with this ship

  15. pacharapon prachai

    This ship doesn’t deserve to be premium, It’s just typical IJN torp destroyer

    It can be time killer to wait for the main ship but It’s not fun to play it as main

    It’s torp is too slow and gun is well, not better than others.

    So another from single shoot torp, It’s typical IJN dd. But If you just add 2-3 knot for their torp, I’d be better.

  16. Nick Wilde Official

    Another premium ship I can’t get. This is outrageous!!!!
    But that’s fine

  17. I love the Gallant, I call her “Little but Tricky”

  18. Do jutland next.

  19. Why is enterprise gone I was going to buy it

  20. She’s fun to play but her low hp pool is a definite drawback.

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