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  1. World of Warships Official Channel
  2. I would complain about Paper ships but with the Russian BBS out I’ll take it.

    • Admiral Günther Lütjens

      @A Man of Culture only gangut was finished

    • the fuhrer epicness

      @Admiral Günther Lütjens gangut and October revolutsiya

    • Admiral Günther Lütjens

      @the fuhrer epicness okt. rev. gangut except she had a lot of aa modifications during the siege of leningrad

    • @the fuhrer epicness Okyabriskaya Revolutsya is the Gangut it self, her name was changed after modernification.

    • The 18 inch Iowa was in essence built in every way except the turrets. I would say that having a different gun configuration, which was studied, on a ship that was actually built is less paper than a ship that was laid down but never that close to finishing.
      Otherwise the Lexington class as a battlecruiser would be a more ‘real’ ship than the 15 inch Gneisenau.

  3. Buff the German bbs already. They cannot hit anything even from 6km away

    • I don’t know I am fine with gk. 12 406 guns that fire faster then most 406 at tier 10 makes it really good. You get that horrible volley from time to time but 12 shells will hit something and when they hit they hurt.

    • @admiral cookie GK is the only german BB wich is ok in the normal techtree but Things like the Bismarck or fdg are just awful because they cant hit anything with their 8 guns.

    • @Qrow Branwen Oh please, not the meta excuse. I hear it since 2015, just because people dont know when to push.
      Browling is good, with map awareness and timing.

    • @krostouin i doubt you know when to push etc also, bet your in the squall league also. Cause thinking the tirpitz is good anymore shows you dont have one and are talking out your ass derp

  4. Good Job Wargaming !

  5. I dunno what to do with my Max Strauss Halloween Captain. Guess he would go on Georgia.

  6. Favorite part of the video is that the speaking doesn’t line up with the talking

  7. Alin Oprea Stefan

    2:28 “Accuracy is the best among battleships”

    **misses 4 shells**

    • @! ObamaTookMyCat ! that wasn’t due to spread, it was issues with getting the right firing solution. When salvoes started hitting, they would get a decent number of shells in.

    • ! ObamaTookMyCat !

      @Dubsy 102 consider reading Tom Friedman books if you have not already. Delay coil settings, turret whip, muzzle droop and variable lining wear all took a toll on the patterns. The 16 inch guns of the Colorados tended to shoot long and short, the 45 caliber 14 inch guns of the Pennsylvania, and the New Yorks tended to shoot wide. It was characteristic of the guns and turrets, not the solutions. The 14 inch 45 caliber guns were notorious at being absolute trash at range.

      The US navy had the best range finding equipment in the world. At the time of introduction, the Mk22 that the USN used in its masts on the standard types was unparalleled. In a 1925 battle practice, (NOT fleetproblem), the USS Nevada shot better than what the Bismarck did 17 years later in roughly the same sea conditions.

    • More like 5%.

    • when you pull out your dick and she pulls out hers

      @Der Große thats called precision, not accuracy

      All 6 shells can be together while landing far far away from the target

    • @! ObamaTookMyCat ! Bismark sniped that little bitch Hood out of the water though, good.

  8. 2:36 what about me *sad Gneisenau noises*

  9. Still waiting for “Armanda: Bismarck” or “Naval Legends: Bismarck”

  10. 1. where is Dasha ?
    2. bring back german accuracy
    3. thanks

  11. 007 is here to present Georgia ?

  12. Mi want to buy dis using coal waiting for Coupon :3!

  13. Just a historical story, the Georgia’s American mk1 18 inch gun was used to fire aerial Bombs into the air to test their aerodynamic properties.

  14. Please buff German BB accuracy thanks

  15. Me, about to buy Jean Bart:
    USS Georgia: I’m gonna stop you right there

  16. i am afraid of experimenting with my wallet

  17. “accuracy is the best” still only 3 out of 6 sorry only 2 shells hit LMFAO

  18. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Hmmm, I think after Yuro’s Prinz Eugen video upload, he will start making video about Georgia in a *M U S A S H I* style.

  19. Rafael Arjel Salvador

    I see, basically a overpowered gneisenau but with bismarck secondary and better accuracy. and 460 mm guns with American Heavy AP 🙂

  20. KlipsFilms Melbourne

    Mashed up version of North Carolina and Iowa class

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