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Welcome aboard Gorizia.
This ship was the penultimate heavy cruiser commissioned for service in the Regia Marina. She actively took part in battles in the Mediterranean theater during World War II and stood as an example of extraordinary survivability. Now you can take this famous ship under your command!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. cant wait for this video to be taken down aswel just for all the dislikes

  2. “buy this ship or you will never be able to grind Puerto Rico”

    Okay EA jr.

    • more like EA senior this is even wrose than what EA have done , saying hey you can get this T10 crusiers for free and then saying later but you have to play like 25h a day or pay us 300 bucks

    • Gorizia is only for 3 directives, gorizia has nothing to do with 4 remaining directives.

    • @Dome Well i don’t know i am still salty with EA for murdering and disemboweling Westwood, Bioware and many others. While what WG did is shit, what EA has been doing for few decades is much worse 😀 (i can always say FU and stop playing WG games, but the murdered studios aren’t coming back maybe some fragments over time)

    • It’s funny to realise that WeeGee also do this with Benham too

      What a joke

  3. Inb4 this video was released too soon

  4. Sorry we had to take down another video because its released to soon

  5. The community are very angry at the unbelievable ”Free” Christmas gift.
    No apologies and no explanations will be accepted for the WoW´s middle finger to the players

  6. You removed yesterdays video because of the dislikes… I hope you have to remove this as well…

  7. Remember guys, it is easier to get this than it is for the PEF

  8. can’t wait for my basically free ship to arrive

  9. wow, nice content wg!!, definetly i press that dislike button 😉

  10. WG: Buy this ship or grind her like slaves.
    Me to everyone else: Is there another option?
    Everyone else: Play russian roulette.

  11. WeeGee, you could have probably avoided the shitstorm if you didn’t resort to false advertisement.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      No this is just a retribution for azuma
      All saw how shit alaska release was so skipped azuma which was shit x2
      And now they re literally said take a free t10 premium like gods u are muahahaha dont worry about directives there are plenty to waste all your vacations at

  12. WG Player base is Spreadsheet, not actual Humans
    thats why their GRIND MATH make sense

  13. Sorry WG, you’ve lost me. 13,000 matches played, and you just shoved your middle finger in my face. Take your “free” ship and stick it in your Research Bureau.

  14. 0:52 “Intrepid during difficult times.” Say that again please? xDDDD

  15. Don’t worry guys, the directives are only 700% harder than those required to get Prinz Eitel Friedrich

  16. I have nothing against sensible microtransactions that support a game, but selling them in WoWS ships for the price of whole games takes away the meaning of the word microtransaction. Micro – like small, Mini, Tiny … and not. 35 euros per ship etc … I would rather buy a game in the sale, go out to eat and then still have some money for chewing gum …..

  17. I’m actually more surprised by the fact that this video has some thumbs up, the dislike wave was to be expected and it’s totally deserved

  18. In Soviet Russia, Santa steals from you!

  19. WG: This year you get gorizia
    Players: hmm okay nice but the grind is pretty hard, even harder than last year for pef and we said we don’t like it.
    WG: no no, gorizia is easier to achieve than pef
    Players: but you need eg. 2000% more kills and 700% more xp to get her.

    You fek up harder every time you say something. You lie to deceive the weak-minded.
    What’s next? You bring out Siegfried but say it’s practically for free because it’s only one mission in 7 days?
    Sadly for the players the mission is : earn 10.000.000 basexp on German ships.
    Do you claim that this easier than the pef grind too?

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