Armada. Hizen battleship. World of Warships guide.

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One of japanese superbattleship projects, A-140J-3, preceded the Yamato-class battleships. It was recreated in World of Warships under the name Hizen. Her main feature is a powerful main battery comprising twelve 410 mm guns installed in four triple turrets.

Learn how to play World of Warships on japanese battleship Hizen from our «Armada» guide.


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  1. Buff the german ships!

  2. her guns are accurate ?

  3. RomuloCavalcanti 1905

    U want Shinano in the game for Coal!

  4. Hizenberg uncertainty principle: skill level of Hizen players cannot be pre determined

  5. Still waiting for a Derfflinger-Class Ship for Tier 5

  6. Wargaming in the next updates be like:

    Hey did you know that the Italian Navy planned to build an Aircraft Carrier!

  7. Bhuwadech Mahapokai

    Can you nerf Hizen even more? Like this is too light compared to your record of nerfing Japanese ships to the ground and under the abyss.

    • Ye all japanese ships are very weak.

      They already stain the name of the Imperial Japanese Navy’s ship builders and historical record.

      I cannot believe this from a game that says “HISTORICALLY ACCURATE”

  8. “Precise battery” but can’t show a salvo with more than 4 shells hit xD

  9. Everybody gangsta till Wargaming added one ship of the Admiral-Class Battlecruisers and mentioned that one of em was supposed to be an Aircraft Carrier

    *Classic Wargaming*

  10. I bet the folks who designed these ships never thought 80 years later we’ve been sitting at home playing their designs in VR amidst a global pandemic xD

    • To be honest some of them would have love it , even the notion of having a actual digital model. Sure we can argue about RNG in game and game mechanics , but for any designer nothing is better then see your creation come to life.

  11. WG, the company that knows more of secret prototype ships than the governments or the people that designed them.

  12. “accurate”

    That word does not mean what you think it means.

  13. “Yamataw”

  14. The only reason why ima getting this thing is because it japanese and looks intreasting not going to complain about accuracy pommern give me enuff of that

  15. This ship is so RNG, I would rather take Vermont and Montana.

  16. I need more YAMATO BATTLESHIP

  17. |’ve got Hizen in my port and find her quite enjoyable to play. But the description in the video doesn’t really fit, especially the part about long range engagement. Relatively poor AP shell penetration and rather poor accuracy make Hizen a mediocre sniper at best.

  18. Yall screw over IJN most of their BB’s look the same at high teir it’s all basically Yamato’s that are slightly different.

  19. Yamato!!!

  20. @yichen qiao That would be OP and not compatible even for t10

    Unless they add… Ya know tier XI

  21. Kitakami when?

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