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The biggest Royal Navy in history! Don’t the full episode.

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  2. I wonder How is Her AA cause Rework

  3. No more money for Russian games!

  4. When will Vanguard and Dreadnought be available for doubloons in the tech tree?

    • Yeah I could buy her from the doubloons I got from selling back Kaga and Saipan lol

    • Don’t waste your doubloons on these ships. Research tier 9 and 10 ships and buy permanent camos for them. I have Dreadnought for free (I don’t play it) and would never spend doubloons on a weak tier 8, especially when the tier 8 matchmaking is broken.

  5. now how can she perform in new Cancerous CV Rewrok aka The Year of the Carriers?

  6. ja pierdole dostępne języki Angielski , Niemiecki ?? i kurwa mać JAPOŃSKI ????????

    • Angielskiego w szkole nie uczyli? ^-^

    • +Alcatraz252 no popatrz jak do szkoły chodziłem to po rusku uczyli a tu go nie ma , masz jakąś ciekawą odpowiedz

    • +sierzant310 Grasz w grę stworzoną przez Rosjan ma rynek międzynarodowy (głównie EU, USA i teraz Japonia) i oczekujesz, że wszystko w ciągu dnia będzie tłumaczone na polski (jeden z mniejszych rynków odbiorców gry)?

    • +Alcatraz252 pominę mniejszego odbiorce sprawdz sam filmy od nich z przed miesiąca i znajdz tłumaczenie na polski gdzie powiemy rok temu były tłumaczone i tak wiem nie w dzień publikacji tylko za 2 lub 3 dni

  7. Is it garbage just like the rest of the battleships in world of warships?

  8. More cookies for cv reworked players

  9. just get out now and don’t be greedy WG fire your staff and walk away your team has just put a hole in your ship and wow is flooding and going down

    • focke wulf no it’s not, haha.

    • +Ben Threadgill i ran a yubari today and shot down 40 planes with 3 cv’s on each team and they were all but one alive at the end of the match, cv’s are op as hell right now and WG just screwed up, cv’s do not have a place in wow, they made BB’s useless and regulated them to shore bombardment in the real world and in game they have just neutered over half the ports and made the ships useless if you have a chitty AA

    • +focke wulf Wow CVs are so overpowered if you know history then why complain when the CVs are much scarier then they are in game. all it does is force more people into the American tech tree since they had AAA in such density there are stories to this day of just how much lead BB AAA was able to unleash. I like the CVs just the way they are since it makes it more realistic, challenging and funner since your AAA now has use.

  10. In game your guns are weak. You have to stay well back and hope to do damage over time, using your concealment as best you can (recently nerfed). If you try to brawl, you’ll get citadel’ed all the way back to port. If you go mid range you’ll be either torpedoed to death or burnt to death by fast firing cruisers. I find it has few redeeming qualities as it is modelled in game now.

    • Actually due to the compressed ranges but not compressed gun stats the guns are Over performing. Also you need to Lear to Bow tank and minimise the number of directions you are getting fired at and their angles.

    • +DarkStar14n Interested to know what modules and captain skills you use on this ship.

  11. I have good idea
    Armada : RN Roma – Vittorio Veneto class battleship
    One of the most beautiful ships on the seas
    Last sailors says that Roma was like hotel – library , restaurant etc

  12. A bit late, eh?

  13. “accurate guns” OMEGALUL

  14. Nice video, still no money.

  15. You actually make a Naval Legend about a battleship that was late for the war she was designed to be in, didn’t take part in any real combat mission, made from spare parts and had only *ONE* note-worthy reputation of being the last battleship to be built?
    Calling HMS Vanguard a “naval legend”? Don’t makes me laugh.

    And yet ships like Bismarck with her incredible kill and the RN pursuit, Graf Spee and her gentleman for a captain with roughly the same fate, USS Laffey with her courageous actions against a superior force, any of the Kongo-class who broke their back futilely carrying the IJN through the war, etc. still don’t have a Naval Legend???
    Calling HMS Vanguard a “naval legend”? Don’t makes me laugh.

    • Its Armada not legend, they’re giving, what is a selling pitch for the ship in game about its pros and cons. Repeat this is Not a naval legends video

  16. I’ve had this ship since it was released, but I can’t play it now because of the T10 Sky Cancer Carriers.

  17. HMS Citadel, caught one broadside at 8km with an Alsace. Goodbye lol.

  18. Hello,
    I do not know this game very well. I just read the discribtion of the channel, it says that the game includes shipes from the 20th century. I just want to know, if the game includes the SMS Goeben and the SMS Breslau, becouse my grand-grand father comanded both (Wilhelm Souchon).
    Sorry for my bad english and thank you for any answers!

  19. Where’s the Hood? The pride of the Royal Navy

  20. When I see Vanguard on my team, I know we will lose

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