Armada in 90 seconds: Gascogne | World of Warships

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You can get VIII tier French Battleship Gascogne here:

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  1. Ydoum's Gaming Den

    WoWS WIKI: Gascogne has poor sigma and dispersion
    WoWS Youtube: Gascogne has good ballistics and accuracy


  2. well, its depend on the person how he is playing this ship, but i must say, this ship is not for the new players.

  3. 1:13 Underwater environment, looking like subs might fully be in the game whether you like it or not

    • Sword Monkey yet that does pring up the question of we seen this in the submarine event so

    • @Timber_Wulf Oh I believe that subs are coming no doubt. I was just saying that I think the mechanics (environment) has been in place for a while and it’s only a matter of minor cosmetic tweaking before it’s ready for primetime.

    • Interesting, on most maps it used to be an illusion that you could shatter with the “big waves” mod, like only a depth of one ship. If they’ve actually made the bathtub deeper on maps that’s cool

    • @Sword Monkey they better not be implemented, given that the creators flat out said they would not be adding subs… (of course they said that the Missouri would be a permanent part of the tech tree for free xp, and then removed it a few months later… so…)

  4. Russian Bias always protect.

    How to Gas-can
    Step 1.) Don’t buy it.
    Step 2.) ???
    Step 3.) Profit!

  5. “WG: Bring back the Ju87 Stuka on the graf zeppelin”

  6. Advising to take a HP perk on a BB? Surprising to say the least…

    • Lee Hong Jin oh while you’re at it don’t forget IFHE

    • @Timber_Wulf 63.5mm of HE pen is good enough 😛

    • Watch a WG official stream and you’ll quickly see they have no clue how to play well.
      SE shouldn’t get picked on a BB ever. Period.

    • @Aus Explorer SE?

    • Lee Hong Jin survivability expert – adds 350HP per tier of ship so for example a Des Moines standard HP is about 50,600 but if you take SE then it jumps to 54,100 which on Most Cruisers and Destroyers is very a respectable skill to take but not a single damn BB should be using that skill ever no matter if it has the lowest HP among contemporaries or the highest

  7. This is my brother’s flagship, often showing up in the middle of fights from out of no where or chasing down carriers to busy relying on autopilot to do much good. He finds the ship very playable

  8. 1:12 Underwater!! Damn, I wish we can watch our ships sink to the bottom of the sea floor after dying.

  9. locomotiveAlex1996

    Im lucky as i got this thing in a super container at random, would not have been pleased if i had payed for it. Jean Bart ftw!

    • HAHAHA, what a transition xD
      First i thought you are happy with that drop, then i understood that you absolutely are not.

  10. Christophe Martin

    No accuracy…..shells go every where…must be played under 15 km but…the ship is tiers 8 ,and you played often low tiers x2 (tiers 10)….you are cookie for grandmas at tea party.

  11. 1:11 wait you can look underwater now?? Does that mean submarines and underwater warfare might be a thing someday?
    ID: OverlordTofflez, server:Asia

  12. Bad balistics bad armos and very very high prices…if u rich? maybe buy..

  13. My attention not to the ship..
    But this! 1:10 holy ship…
    Look like WG have a plane and give us. Little surprise!?

  14. Lionnel Lacouloumere

    I love this ship, I don’t regret pay for him

  15. Don’t listen to these liars. Gascogne is one of the worst BB’s in the game and is more or less useless.

  16. Beasts all over the shop. You’ll be one of them, sooner or later.

  17. Lala jupiter Nero

    You can make a armada about emile bertain

  18. You get Gascogne cause :
    Nooooooo ooooone’s slick as Gascogne
    No one’s quick as Gascogne
    No one’s neck’s as incredibly thick as Gascogne’s
    For there’s no ship in town half as manly
    Perfect, a pure paragon!

  19. Your game is confusing and needs to be reformatted.

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