Armada in 90 seconds: Hood | World of Warships

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You can get VII Tier British Battleship Hood here:

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    You can get VII Tier British Battleship Hood here:

  2. Emil Scale Modelling

    Plz! hms hood for wows legends! ?

    • @DeadshotS 4444 Dafuq? A lot of ships in WoWs are sunken ships. The ugly twins, the most advanced first mission failure, tea master of the seven seas, Leeroy’d japan steel, German locations a to z… they even made what if ships(cancelled ship plans and whatnot) so assuming they can’t is just bizarre.

    • @Emil Scale Modelling Warspite never sunk, she ran aground.

    • Emil Scale Modelling

      @wEt SpOnGe i never said she sank but yeah i know she ran aground

    • @Emil Scale Modelling The guy you replied to said “Have they done sunken ships before?” You gave a list of ships they had done before which had sunk including the Warspite, that led me to belive you didn’t know she didn’t sink, much like the Blyscawica.

    • Emil Scale Modelling

      @wEt SpOnGe błyscawica is a museum ship and warspite got scrapped after running aground. I wasnt really awake when i wrote the comment amd could have been more specific as i was really tired when i wrote it

  3. Λмαтѕυĸαze Kαι Nι

    Can you bring back her ridiculous AAs back in the RTS?

    • It’s about all def AA. They’re all 100% only (Friesland upcoming Pan-EU DD will have 200%) so this is the problem, Hood had 1000% but only short range. Atlanta and other cruisers did suffer a lot because of def AA nerf in action mode cv,

    • Λмαтѕυĸαze Kαι Nι the rocket aa was ridiculous. The rockets in real life were horrible enough to might as well be a joke, but wg being wg decides it’s super effective and puts a 1000percent aa modifier on it.

  4. This is why you choose Magazine Mod I.

  5. “There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today” – Part 2

    • Beatty’s Jutland quote on the status of Britain’s Battlecruisers was indeed prophetically realized at The Battle of the Denmark Strait. HMS Hood’s Achilles heel, her deck armor was scheduled to be upgraded but never was, plunging fire from KMS Bismarck, combined with those Zeiss optics, were her undoing.

    • @Joseph Valvano There was no “KMS”, German warships had no prefixs’s. Just like “DKM”, or the Japanese “IJN”, they were never used for real.

    • wEt SpOnGe thanks that was something I did not know!

  6. 90 secs for Hood? That’s all the Bismarck needed :)))

    • @wEt SpOnGe nah, got bombarded for hours(i think, I’m not sure) and still didn’t sunk.

    • @Amin Azman In total did she ate 2804 shells from main and secondary guns and 3 Torpedos and didn’t sink

    • @Niklas7779 that’s why she’s a legend. Unlike the biggest ship ya*cough*.

    • @Amin Azman Yamato is also a legend. I mean 400 aircarft and still 2 hours? Other ships would already sunk. And she used her 46cm guns during the battle of Leyte Golf (hope I’ve written thay right). She was hitting an aircraft carrier 25 miles away

    • @Niklas7779 i wish she had encounter with US ships. It’s very unfortunate for her to get rekted by 400 planes. It’ll be interesting to see her against Iowa.

  7. R.I.P to all those who went down with her ❤??

  8. Abhinandan Korgaonkar

    ” Despite the difference in tier, the Brit has a solid chance to even the score….” Hood wanders within 9kms of Bismarck, gets railed by secondaries, Bismarck gets close quarter expert.

    • Bismarck’s AA and Secondary weapons were dogshit useless in real life.

    • barthélémy Menard

      @IAmRezaF the best part is the maybe upcoming secondary buff on the Bismark

    • @wEt SpOnGe emmm no, it had the most advanced fire control of ww2 and horizontal stabilizers, those swordfish survived because, 1 bismarck aa system was created to fire at faster planes, like p47s, tempest, etc, planes that would do 500kmh loaded, not 250 with no load.
      2 swordfish was a very though light wheight plane with thin structure that will never make he bullets detonate.

    • @santiago perez German Fire Control was useless, also i know the Swordfish are able to take a number of hits and stay airworthy but no Swordfish was hit in the first place, no bullet hit any attacking British Aircraft. As for the German Fire Control, how good is it when it knocked itself out from firing at HMS Norfolk and HMS Suffolk, and when it was repaired it was pretty shit when facing up against HMS Rodney and HMS KGV. Bismarcks optics were top rate, but the Analogue Fire control computer that controlled the aiming of her guns was inferior to that fitted to British or American ships.
      However fire control is only one aspect, another aspect is the stability of the ship. Bismarck suffered from having a high metacentric height. This made her very difficult to sink, but it also meant she has a short sharp roll period which could affect gunnery performance.
      The proof is in the pudding. Over the single sortie she made Bismarck fired at HM Ships Norfolk, Suffolk, Hood, Prince of Wales, Sheffield, King George V, Rodney and the 4 destroyers of the 4th Flotilla. Over all its thought she fired off between 1/3 and 1/2 of her main 15″ ammo supply, around 300 -400 shells, and scored a damaging near miss on Sheffield, one, possibly two hits on Hood (one of which Hood turned into) and three hits on Prince of Wales (two of these being high up on the ship, suggesting had Prince of Wales not been in the way of the shell it would have missed). Bismarck’s reputation as a crack gunnery ship is by and large however a myth.

    • @wEt SpOnGe fist part of your comments its totally wrong so will not read the shit that is after that
      see ya.

  9. Bismarck accuracy b u f f

  10. Hood needs buff

    ?????? ?? ????

    • I paid 55$ for this ship, I didn’t have a problem with 1.8 sigma or 0.0015s fuse time. Then they fucking changed my favourite ship in the whole damn game and now it’s fucking useless. Shells are more tightly grouped but it doesn’t matter if they all over pen a cruiser and still fucking shatter against battleships. And hood has less pen than the fucking *KONGO* I kid you not, go to and look at the artillery charts of Hood and Kongo. You know something isn’t right when a T5 14” shell has more penetrating power then your T7 15” shell. Either make Hood a Battleship with better pen values then a fucking T5 or revert the fuse time back to 0.0015s and give us back our Battlecruiser.

    • That font lol

    • Colorado exists.

    • @Ryan P Was my favourite most played ship until the supposed “buff” now she’s just Bismarck without the secondaries

  11. Hood is actually represented perfectly as a BB in game as by the time she entered service she was essentially a Battleship only classed a BC due to her speed of over 30 knots (she went at 32.04 knots) compare her armour to true battleships the QE class for example, Hood’s armour to weight ratio was about 33% to the QE class 34%, more over Hood’s main armour belt was only 1 inch thinner than the QE class at 12 inch compared to the QE 13 inch, Hood’s deck was also thicker with all armoured decks adding up to 7-8 inches to the QE class 5 inch, compare her to a true BC the Renown main armour belt was only up to 6 inches, deck was about 3 inches with a speed of 32.58 knots, Hood was a true battleship in every sense of the word just one of the very first fast battleships, had she been slower there would be no reason to have classed her a BC so in the note Hood as a BB in game she is represented 100% accuracy in terms of the type of she she was. A few other facts, Hood had one of the best AA suits in the fleet even after the KGV class entered service, Hood was not penned through the deck she was too close for plunging fire to occur, it is more likely she was penned through the upper 7 inch belt armour into an extended 4 inch magazine which was extended in the late 1930s beyond the protected area which caused it to ignite and spread to the aft main guns 15 inch magazine which caused the explosion that sank her. Also WG please correct the descriptions on her Camos, the blue hull white turrets and red turret roofs are not her historic one is one you made up, her real historic one is the one which is just dark grey all over known as AP 507B Medium Grey, another camo could be made for her of her in her Medditeranian colours which was light grey all over this camo was called AP 507C Light Grey.

  12. I really enjoy playing in the Hood she’s a solid ship if a little vulnerable to HE spam, but I really miss her pre rework AA it was far better back then.

  13. Favorite T7 in WoW Blitz. You know you’re liked when the enemy team likes to gang up on you.

  14. Pro tip : don’t get detonated by Bismarck

  15. I mean, atleast she had the best tea making facilities ever put to sea…

  16. Next up: Hood’s sister ship… Trunk

  17. Best game I ever had was with the Hood. 7 kills…..

  18. What happened to hood in two words TEA BAGGED but respect for who severed for her and may peace come upon their souls

  19. “This Brit is not as easy to overpower”
    Yeah, just make sure you have Juliet Charlie before battle and you’ll be good…

  20. Every time i found hood with Bismark in the game turn tail an runs an in the far end i sink it ????

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