Armada in 90 seconds: Roma | World of Warships

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You can get VIII Tier Italian Battleship here:

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  1. One premium that could need a small buff to be honest. But she is sooo beautiful!

  2. She could use an acuracy buff

    • Neutron Alchemist true. But what I’m getting to is that the guns, due to their over charged powder, similar to that of a tank gun, granted it superior penetration for a 15 in gun while sacrificing some accuracy for a 15 in gun. Remember that 15 in guns are surprisingly easier to make more accurate than the bigger calibers, so the accuracy of these guns might start dispersing badly after long distances, but the symptoms existed for all non heavy shell users of the time. So still a pretty decent gun. But OFC WOWS don’t care about realism is what I’m getting.

    • +CoderBert 39 yeah lmao
      >longest firing battleship guns ever achieving 43 km of range irl
      >shortest firing tier 8 battleship guns in-game at 18 km of range

    • +CoderBert 39 They really need to fucking fix gaydar. A Cruiser can sit behind an island with no danger to himself and press Y and poof there goes your destroyers.

    • Obsidian Rose true. I wouldn’t mind changing the game to have a realistic mode just like war thunder to be honest, where everything and I mean EVERYTHING is realistic and blueprint ships aren’t allowed to play that game mode.

    • +CoderBert 39 Or be turned into Naval Legends

  3. Luigi would be proud of you.

  4. Ah its been years and I still love the narrator

  5. And dont forget the price tag that comes with her

  6. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    So Roma gets an Armada, but the never touched water Russian Battleship,Sovetsky Soyuz

    gets a Naval Legends vid with WG trying to claim how influential she was, when she wasnt….. hmmm something seems a bit off there.

    • xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

      +Panzerschliffe Hohenzollern most likely.

    • It does seem incredibly ironic that they spend more time on a, essentially, faux battleship, than on a Battleship that actually got to fire a gun, even if it was AA.

    • xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx Weren’t her guns used in the defense of Leningrad?

    • Alexander Ball I don’t think so. But then again it’s only the guns. But wargaming is Russian

    • Ofcourse its russian bias, i mean when the new RU BB’s release the russian tech tree will be the most numerous and yet have the most paper ships, and they are ofc overpowered.

  7. pros= concelment,AP penetration,travel speed turrent
    cons=terrible(secundaries, AA,citadel, accuracy) overpen all day ,HE fire chance bad.
    result= bad ship , the accuracy guns kill you, (short, medium, large) distance ; the guns are a shoot gun, fix the accuracy.

    • Cesar Guzman I genuinely never have an issues with Roma, her citadel isn’t that hard to hide and protect, and the only times I am citadel’d it’s when I stupidly sat broadside to Iowa’s, and Musashi’s
      Her accuracy is just fine and I don’t fire at max range unless I know I’m fighting someone who just fired and I can disappear within seconds and her ability to blitz battleships and cruisers with her extreme concealment of 11.7km (rip the old 11.3km) giving her nye blapping range for most cruisers and her guns fly so quickly especially at 10-12km where you make a fine paste of enemy citadels and hull pens

      Lastly she’s an overall beast with superb guns, speed, and armor compared to most other ships of equal tier

    • +Timber_Wulf I very much enjoy playing the Italian ships. I have all of them that are currently in game. But seriously the guns extremely inconsistent. Do not know from one salvo to the next if the shells will be on target or do the really stupid WG dispersion of shells making an X pattern. Sad the game does not have more historic type dispersion in game of shells falling short or long, but then again ships fighting bow on IRL would get you sent to the bottom real fast too. The guns over pen way too much too. If I had a nickel for every time I shot another BB at the waterline/citadel and get nothing but over pens I would be rich. Italian ships suffer from short range, very low fire chance, and inconsistent guns. The Italians built some good ships, they just suffered as the Germans did in having to face far superior Navy and numbers of the UK and US. Speaking of the Germans their gunnery was very good, yet in game the German BB accuracy is the same extremely inconsistent.

    • Yahto TV you shouldn’t even be firing HE in Roma, the accuracy is also never and issue if you actually play her with max concealment within 10-14km (14km should be max engagement distance) with the Concealment she has you shouldn’t be engaging at her max range, she only suffers when solo engaging bigger ships with bigger guns

      As a whole Roma is a great ship to me and her benefits are extremely rewarding. Plus potential meme factor and being able to fuck with most ships at the tier She’s at give me such a good w/r in Roma

    • +Timber_Wulf Never said I shot HE with the Roma. I said I enjoy playing all the Italian ships currently game. I said Italian ships guns are inconsistent. While the BB guns have their problem the CA guns have theirs too. The HE rounds are weak.

      BTW I never play BBs at max range. The IJN BBs are the only ones I play closer to max range. And yes even 15km and closer it is still common to have half your shells completely miss the target on very easy targets sitting broadside not paying attention or tunnel vision on another target. Or have every or most your hits over pen even at the waterline/citadel.

    • the rome battleship, the best advantage is its hiding, you shoot, you hide, you move, if you are an aggressive player you look for a zone free of destroyers, dont go alone in match with cv you become the carrier’s dinner.
      The guns, using HE is useless, the possibility of fire is bad
      to use AP the best one its tier, but only against battleships because to the cruises only overpen (but sometimes you can make devastating strike )
      Shooting distances, long range is like AVE MARIA, pray for you hit something; short ranges, against battleships good, take care of the citadel because they delete you, against cruisers bad, AP equal to overpenetration,if you change to HE maybe you hit but without much damage; Middle distance is your best chance against battleships and cruisers (more chance to damage cruise ships).
      In conclusion, use it at medium distances taking advantage of your concelment, hide, move, shoot everything that shows your side but keep in mind that many of these oppurtunities you will lose because its dispersion is bad.

  8. Giuseppe Frasca

    I want a Naval Legends of this ship

  9. Fix her guns first, Wargaming!

  10. I hope when you guys decide to do another buff spree for slacking ships like with Hood, Aigle, Kii, etc, you include this ship. She needs at least a sigma upgrade, and maybe some range.

    • Matthew Tencza Heck yeah. Hood and Roma have such beautiful silhouettes, but you can’t play with them, they’re vastly underpowered

  11. Please fix the accuracy of this ship, you cant hit anything.

  12. TomsonPRoDuctions

    90 seconds for the best _existing_ Battleship of the 4th Navy that *fought* in WW2
    20 _minutes_ for a laid down, uncompleted scrap of wasted metal, magically becoming a _glorified soviet legend_
    PPFT, okay

  13. HGKnetworkgaming

    When will The Italian Aircraft Carrier Aquila ?? come to the game?

  14. Nice late april fools joke. This ship need buffs. It got bad dispersion, very bad inaccurate guns that over pens and short range weak AA.

  15. “Was never entangled in any serious battle”
    At least it HAD a battle compared to some hunk of steel that wasn’t even fully BUILT. Genuinely, what in God’s name WarGaming, why did you give a, essentially, “Paper” battleship a Naval Legends, but give AN ITALIAN WARSHIP WITH A HISTORY, A 90 SECOND VIDEO?! WHAT?!?

  16. Can we have more Italian ships in game please ? Like Zara/Pola Heavy Cruiser , and some Italian DD perhaps??

  17. My great grand uncle died on a ship in ww2 he served the Italian navy

  18. She’s a beautiful ship and looks pretty good in battle but I just wish more of the people playing them would be less salty all the time, kill an Italian ship get reported and usually an angry rant in chat, or if someone on your team is constantly pinging the map and complaining they are usually in an Italian ship at the back of the map

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