Armada: Lenin | World of Warships

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You can VIII Tier Soviet Battleship Lenin here:

Keep an eye out on official World of Warships website. Your port of call for new ship releases!


    • World of Warships Official Channel could you provide us with the next update for World of Warships Legends please

    • Should the scout plane be option too (Be-4) or it is just figther (La 3 customized for naval operations) ?

    • Unpretentious Wind

      I like to see him dress like a gentleman and promoting the new bbs like this not like other clowns in other companies that show up with the island vacation outfit the sandals in their feet this video looks professional in every way ?

    • Free xp ship right????

  1. the bottomline: GREAT COMRADE NELSON

  2. 3:42 Ah, I see you are a man of Bolshevism as well…

  3. Fix world of warships legends economy. T7 boats are wallet vampires

  4. I will stick to my zombie nelson, thanks!


  6. Imagine being melted by the HE spam meta in a normal BB, now imagine a hulking oil rig that doesn’t have the armor to turn around unless it wants to give citadel, NOW imagine this ship in today’s matchmaking of T8s pushed up vs T10s. That’s your Lenin sinking as you hit the port button.

  7. Soviet Navy : Can I Copy Your Homework??

    British Navy : Yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn’t look obvious you copied.

    Soviet Navy : Let me introduce to you, Battleship LENIN

    • In the 20ies and early 30ies every naval nation considered something similar to Nelson. Only the Brits did it eventually and they weren´t too happy with the result. But hats off to keeping inside the 35.000 limit!

    • They were both designed to solve the same limitation with similar solution. Of course the end result would look similar.

    • Star Citizen 890J

      Concord > TU144. Soviet Russian your in detention for plagiarism again.

    • Wait till their CVs come out… Comrade -Essex- Trotsky

    • +Star Citizen 890J But Buran > Space Shuttle

  8. Wargaming : How Many Battleship Blueprint do you have,?

    Soviet Design Bureau : YES!!

    • Major Borngus Fluunduch

      I’m imagining that “Soviet Design Bureau” is just a couple of old dudes in an apartment who worked on these things and who enjoy going on tangents about the “good ol’ days”.

  9. Stalin will be proud to all of you!!?

  10. I demand Vladimir Lenin as the captain for the October revolution

  11. ??battleship neslon
    ??battleship Lenin

  12. ExpendableGuard Entertainment

    Soviet Union: Hey England, can I copy your homework?
    England: Sure, don’t make it obvious though.
    Soviet Union: Battleship Lenin

  13. sakis agianoglou

    New tier X battleship:stalin
    Survivabily 100%
    With 100000cm armor bepth
    And 500.000 hp
    All torpitodos cant damage that ship because it have 20 spaced armor plates of 200 mm each .
    Bombs ,HE shells and rockets cant start a firw cause that ship is all made only by steel wih name “stalinium”
    Firepower 100 %
    5×8 main turrets with cannons barels as fat as a T-34 tank ,shouting T-34 TANK AP and T-34 TANK HE shells capable of dealing 50.000 damage each shell with succesfull penetretion . With the range of 30 km ,reload time(a balance time )of 10 secs turnning 180° in 3 secs
    Secondaries: 65 x2 turrerts of cannon same with B-4 SUPER HEAVY ARTILERY with same shells all shooting HE with reload time at 0.8 secs (a logic time) at maximum range of 15 km
    AA guns 15.000×1(1/5 the crew if the ship)(only rifles)
    Mobility 80%(lets have a limit ok?)
    Reaching the 80km in 2 secs and reverse 2km in 1 hour (not one step back comprade)
    And turning 180° in 7 secs
    Viewrange 99,9%
    Dectecting ship(bestroyer)at 30 km
    And stalin battlrship getting detected at the same range
    Abillity :only one :NOT ONE STEP BACK!: when this is active all the enemy germans ship will die immediedly and they will be count a kill

  14. I get hyped about this game a lot and I love the game, however, I keep on postponing reinstalling it since I still need to install WINE.

  15. A soviét Nelson, lovely but first I gotta get my British battleship

  16. Bleechs by Dray

    Wows Community: this game has many issues with cvs and power creep of older ships . Please fix


    • Well in fact they will introduce the Slava. A BB that can take out other BB in one shot on 24km (Montana from one slavo 70k from 22km) . DD from 16km took all 9 out of 9 shells. 12k dmg. Imagine this in 9ld times when DDs got pen dmg Wow .

  17. who can defend himself against a skillful cv player???

  18. Paul Adam Barral

    Vladimir Lenin: name a ship after me
    Stalin: sure

  19. Sean Keste Bernales

    WoW should do another Collab with Azur Lane, just like Kizuna AI.

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