Armada: London | World of Warships

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Welcome aboard London, Captain.
This ship took part in many operations of the Royal Navy during World War II. Now you have the opportunity to take command of this famous !

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    Complete four Directives of the event and obtain Cruiser London!

  2. I’m early, astounding!

  3. and behold the ship Exeter should have been

    • simplified translation for strangers pls 🙂

    • @Glupi Medo

      Exeter carries only 6 8” guns due to budget constraints and RN decision to try building as many cruisers as possible /vs/ fewer ships with greater capability.

    • @Glupi Medo the original version of Exeter in WoWs had a smoke generator. Now she does not, by London does. London is, in simplified terms, Exeter +1 turret and +1 tier.

  4. London got shot up in that chinese civil war while firing her main guns at targets…her condition was severe and hence why she was scrapped…..It was uneconomical too repair her.

  5. can’t wait to earn London. It looks a fantastic model

  6. WoWs: posts first comment before video is posted.

    Wait, that’s illegal.

  7. fachreza eka kurnia

    She’s a good librarian 🙂

  8. “Allies who will surely support you when you come under heavy fire from the enemy”
    Yeah.. surely…

  9. World of Warships London: Neat

    Azur lane London: *Sate Sate*

  10. @3:58 “…interact with your allies, who will surely support you if you come under heavy fire from several enemies at once” — you don’t play randoms, do you. lol 😛

  11. “Smog above London is good in our game”


  12. “…and interact with your allies, who will surely support you” 😂😂😂

  13. 4:00- “Your allies will surely support you if you come under fire from multiple enemies”. Have you played Warships? Not likely.

  14. The only British ship that loves *Indonesian Satay* during her sortie…

    AL Players would know what I mean

  15. London is added
    *azur lane:* time to shine

  16. Pan-Asian cruisers when? We need a full line, please.

  17. I’m so excited to upload my First World of Warships video tomorrow!

  18. Surely support you nah more likely to torpedo you , That’s Random 😁 As for the ship, weell it’s ok I bought the bundle my advice, check the Stats then check Devonshires, the smoke is very useful though 👍

  19. If AL London becomes a captain of the London ship, please add “Sate-sate…” quote of her everytime she sinks a ship.

  20. Does she include the Glasses? You know which London I’m talking about

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