Armada: Mogador | World of Warships

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The French destroyer leader, Mogador, was one of the largest and most powerful ships of her type in history.
In terms of her armament and dimensions, she was comparable to a light cruiser, and very few ships in the world could rival her speed. In World of Warships you have an opportunity to see how Mogador performs in battle!

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  1. Francisco DeTonne

    While the BBs are still gaining speed…


  2. Where is WOWS SHOW?

  3. *Royal Navy:* “If you’re not with us, you’re against us”

  4. Mogador: *_rapid advance_*

    * runs into the entire enemy team *

    Mogador: *_rapid retreat_*

  5. Are you smoked WG?:)))))))))))))
    What module increases HP?:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Another proof that you guys don’t even play your own game…

  6. WG: “Lets talk about her torpedoes, she is a destroyer after all”

    Friesland: “Excuse me?”

  7. 4:30 “Finally, let’s talk about her torpedoes, because she’s a destroyer after all”


  8. Nicely done WG.. great presentation of the video .

  9. ‘Easy to catch BBs who are sailing straight’
    You mean every single BB on my team and NOT a single BB on the enemy?

  10. WG: “Lets talk about her torpedoes, she is a destroyer after all”

    Friesland: “Am i a joke to you?”

  11. Those park benches had to be adressed someday.

  12. >SMOKE, shells, torpedoes…

    >Talking about the Mogador that doesn’t have a smoke generator.

  13. Ydoum's Gaming Den

    Everyone seems to keep forgetting she is hidden behind a massive wall of the greatest idea WG had up to date.

  14. Pilot your battleship as you would if it had to use a cane or walking stick.

  15. Juan Jose Nadales Lozano

    USA ships are going to cry trying to hit these fast ships with his incredible slow proyectiles

  16. the 1000 doubloon lootbox scam to get mogadir is a horrible idea.

  17. Can you review New Mexico battleship ?

  18. No one:…
    World of Warships:LoOk At THoSe beNcHES

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