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When Germany built their Deutschland- raiders, subsequently the more powerful Scharnhorst-class “pocket battleships,” France replied by constructing their own “fast battleships” of the Dunkerque class. On November , 1934, the second ship of this series — Strasbourg — was laid down at Saint-Nazaire.

Learn how to play of Warships on french battleship Strasbourg from our «Armada» guide.


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  1. is it last Armada in this year?

  2. Its just a Dunkerque with a little better armour and a bit of speed

  3. This grind is actually not that hard… But the ship herself may be a hard pass.

    • She’s average in random battles, but she’s just about the most fun you can have with your pants on in CoOp battles when you play her aggressively.

    • The grind is not bad at all (I was doing the hit fast hit often campaign before starting this one and there it’s way worse), but I don’t like that each step starting from the second one is time-gated when you need this ship to complete another campaign which is also available for a limited time.

    • @Paul The Bored plus without hizen u cant get her see the last missions where u shud get 14 stars

    • @M ZIDAAN Z I’m not sure what you mean. I checked all the final tasks of the campaign and in none of them you need the Hizen. There’s a task where you need the Hizen, but it’s not mandatory. Just complete again a task you have already done and get a new star. I completed the one with like 5 kills for most of the stars i got in the first stage of the campaign.

    • @M ZIDAAN Z – just like what @Paul The Bored said above, you don’t have to do every single one of the Tasks in order to complete a Mission. You can always skip the ones you don’t like, or are “impossible” to do (e.g, if it requires the Hizen, but you don’t have one). If you don’t have enough stars because you skipped some of the Tasks, then just re-do some of the tasks you already did. In fact, you can complete an entire campaign by doing JUST ONE Task each Mission over and over again until you accumulate enough stars to complete that stage, if that’s how you want to go about it (it would take much longer doing it that way, but it can be done).

  4. Commander rework : am I a joke to u ???

    • I was about to say the same thing. So, if you get the ship today you get like 10 days with it otherwise if you wait to get the ship. The Commander rework will be here. So, Yeah good job WG (WOWS)

  5. So this french has armor?


  6. the Dunkerque is a graf spee slayer the Strasbourg a Gneiesnau slayer

  7. Admiral Firespammer

    >Go to a flank
    CV: “Ah you want a one way ticket to the port”

  8. The boat that is the key to completing the New Year activities Who remembers the PE boat? hahaha

  9. I’m getting this ship because along the border of New Jersey, there’s this town called Stroudsburg which, yes isn’t the same name, but reminds me of it. I grew up going to that town for entertainment and shopping. Happy memories for me!

  10. – Going to a flank at longue range
    – CV : “Hello there, let me focusing you”

  11. 0:03
    Wow Blitz American CL gun arcs be like:

  12. To my opinion, her reload got nerfed too bad, it would be such a fun with the original reload. 😥

  13. the grind isn’t that hard but limited in time and every phases unlock after a certain amount of days, making it just annoying to wait, I have time to grind now but not later

  14. Another sniping ship, that’s just great

  15. Guy at WG:”Move to a flank”
    CV:”I am about to end this man’s whole career”

  16. “I like how they went through the effort to show recommended commander skills”

    Ah yes the most basic battleship build that every battleship has that isn’t german cause most of the other skills are useless.
    Commander rework you say? Ah even more useless skills for a battleship.

  17. Errr… 30 MILLIMETER? I doubt that. “Every turret houses three 30 millimeter guns”…..

  18. Let’s not forget that Strasbourg escaped the Mighty Hood ans its squadron at Mers El Kebir at the price of some crew members in the boiler room that got asphyxiated by smoke due to the air shafts being obstructed by pieces of walls from the jetty whan it was struck by Hood.
    They guys gave their lives staying at the posts to ensure the ship could have the mex power output for its engines.
    Tws years later, at Toulon, the ship was scuttled along the rest of the fleet and stayed perfectly straight as if is was afloat but deeper.

  19. sigh more free ships for the idiots who come from no experience in ANY BB just like the rest of the new starters let them in higher tiers so they can kill game tks wg bots

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