Armada: T-61 || World of Warships

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  1. holyship 61s out!

  2. do a armada montana already

  3. 100$ no no no

  4. “It’s exactly the ship you need… which is why, in true Wargaming style, we’re just not going to release it!” lol

  5. Premium as always i guess. Just like belfest

  6. “Having Fun in World Of Warships”

    Most of my matches are stressful

  7. probably just more hype for yet another sub par, overpriced hunk of lead!

  8. IT sounds great, but spending $100 just go get it a week early? No way. I could understand $60, even $75, considering you are spending the doubloons on other things, but not $100… that’s insane.

  9. What’s with the Micheal Jackson beat.

  10. Its just better geade without 150mm guns….

    • Not just “better” Gaede… Its *P2W*

      Best Tier VI DD guns
      Best Tier VI Torpedos (and even better than most Tier VII)
      2nd Best Tier VI DD HP Pool
      More than just “good” mobility for its size

  11. The T61 is a surebuy, but not wsith the doubloon event. I’ll just wait a week, thank you very much

  12. What does one need to have fun with destroyers? Maybe not 4 radar ships per patch?

    • The Gaming Python

      Here here

    • That’s why it is only T6, where you might see just the odd T7 with radar! Otherwise yeah…just avoid any higher tier ships…

    • Patrick Joergensen

      the odd T7? MM has been kind to you if you aren’t regularly facing T8s in your T6 ships – and at that tier, there’s way more radar than necessary.

    • I agree.
      “What does one need to have fun while playing a destroyer in World of Warships?”
      Only 1 the answer: no radar ships.

      For the love of God, please nerf radar. It’s too much nowadays, destroyers can’t cap and being useless. Nerf radar to 8 kms range. So many radar CAs with F-king high concealment (even can stealth radar) and radar. Just with a push of a button, all reveal!

  13. Cool that a ducht made navy vassel is in the game or coming. So When do we get a dutch navy tech tree? xP


  15. Dutch Navy when

  16. I need to buy it befor it gets removed like Belfast xD

  17. Make a pan-European tech tree and make this ship rightfully Dutch again.

  18. Nice looks doesn’t help at all, balance the radar!

  19. And the WG puts a heal flag in this DD, great


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